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Hi I'm Mike

I'm a dad, a husband, and chemistry professor. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have four kids and a wonderful wife. We've been married for nearly twelve years. I finished my PhD in organic chemistry three years ago. I went on to do anti-cancer research at a university out-of-state. I later got a job in my home state, where I currently work as a researching and teaching chemistry professor. I really love my work, especially when I get to teach chemistry to others. As a family man, I absolutely love and adore my wife and kids. They are my whole world. My oldest son has autism. It was a terrible emotional blow to me and my wife to realize that he would likely never develop to the same level as his peers. However, as time has gone by since that diagnosis, we've learned to see many blessings in the midst of our trial, some of which we would never have if our son weren't just the way he is.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised by devout Latter-day Saint parents, who were wonderful and kind, but I didn't stick with my religion simply because my parents belonged to it. I have always been spiritually introspective. I’ve studied religious theology intensely from the time I was nine years old. Through this I have gained an unconquerable conviction that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ's church. While there are numerous other churches, religious theologies, and spiritual teachings out there that contain many truths, noble programs, and ways to help their followers to God and Jesus, I've come to believe that none contain it all in its full form, except for this church. I'm absolutely convinced that if I weren’t a Mormon, I would probably not belong to any church. There just isn’t another religious theology out there that makes as much sense, and I’ve studied it all. Beyond this, Mormonism just makes me happy. I have access to all the answers to every deep, spiritual question I've faced. I have countless blessings that come as a direct result from God because I live this faith. I'm happy. My life has meaning, purpose, and direction. And my family is strong and united because of it. If you’re in any way curious, please ignore the false rumors or odd practices you may have heard about regarding this church. Many are either untrue or exaggerated, perpetuated by those who hate our faith. Instead, study the beliefs of this church for yourself.

How I live my faith

I actively attend church every week, participate in church meetings, and fulfill the voluntary responsibilities that go along with being a devout Latter-day Saint. This has taken me to many places. For example, I served as a church missionary in southern Indiana about 13 years ago, and then I later served in Peru, where I learned fluent Spanish. Later on, I was a Boy Scout leader for five years, which I absolutely loved. I have also taught countless lessons in Sunday school to adults, youth, and children. I currently have the opportunity to “home-teach,” which means that I visit different Latter-day Saint families from our congregation at least monthly, sharing lessons with them, getting to know them, and offering them support outside of regular church activities as often as they need it. This is the kind of thing that all devout Latter-day Saints do, and it brings me a great amount of personal joy and satisfaction. As I've "home-taught" numerous people through the years, they've become close friends. In my home, my family and I have weekly family night, where we study the teachings of Jesus, sing songs, and play games. I read to my children every night from the Book of Mormon or the Bible, and I pray with my family at least twice daily. In my neighborhood, job, and community, I try to be the best individual I can be. I strive to be a good citizen, employee, and an honest and friendly neighbor to everyone around me, regardless of what faith they may or may not espouse.