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Hi I'm Nicole

I like to mountian bike, my husband and I have 3 girls, and I like to knit. I teach spanish. I grew up on a farm. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

In the 80's I liked the Cure and Nine Inch Nails, but I grew up in a farming community that ran on country music. Now I live in the mountains, but love to go to enjoy the city too. Everyone asks me if I'm a Latina in some way, but my dad is just a non pasty-white Canadian (no offense Canooks) who married a non-blond American. I'm married and a mom of three girls, we like to hike, bike, swim and camp together. I'm learning violin, but my girls are becoming much better instrument players than I will ever be. Music, it's required! Alternative, banjo or instrumental, it doesn't matter what type is playing, if it's good I love it. I mountain bike and sing. I write in my journal. I have taught Spanish and English off and on. I learned spanish on an LDS mission to Ecuador. I like to travel (who doesnt' right!). As the oldest daughter I am a bit bossy and I am a bit passionate. I work on my marriage and my other family relationships. I like to make stuff sometimes. I made a table once, it was big, so we cut it down and used it for a tool work area. I taught myself to knit a couple years ago, so I'll make a hat now and then. I love to make salads! I make mistakes and then I make apologies. I am glad to be in the place I am at.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I believe that the Book of Mormon is a true book of scripture, just like the Bible, but just written by different people who lived in a different part of the world. When I read it I feel that I should be listening to the lessons the prophets were trying to teach the people back then. I was baptized when I was 8 and was raised going to church with my family. In my 20's I traveled a lot. I studied about other religions and really had a chance to talk to others about what they believe. I have continued to go to an LDS church and temple because I realized how the guidance of the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ really saved me from a lot of bad decisions that could have started in my teenage years. I realized that what other people see as strict or restricting, actually saved me from a constrictive life as an adult. I could see that in high school and I know it now even more strongly. I am glad that I belong to a church that has the courage to say, the commandments are the commandments and we cannot change them just because they are no longer popular. I believe we will be accountable for what we do here on earth, that we will have the chance to live with God again. We get this time and it's awesome, so we better get busy making it count.

How I live my faith

I feel like I live my faith on three paths that constatly intersect. I live my faith at church on Sunday, at home with my family and, then there is the path that is just between me and God. I feel like I need all three to reach my spiritual goals. Sunday is a great day where I get to refuel spiritually. My volunteer position or "calling" in the congregation is to help the missionaries. I'm a ward missionary. This year I was also a ward camp director for the Young Women. We just finished that at it was so fun and uplifting for everyone. I like to sing in the ward choir. After churc I try to keep the Sabbath by not shopping or doing organized sports. My faith plays a big role at home. We read scriptures in the mornings together (we're almost done with the New Testament, then we will start the Book of Mormon together), we have family prayer, and Family night where we have a spiritual thought and play games. But my most important job is to teach my kids about Jesus Christ and help them, situation by situation, see how the gospel of Christ would encourage them to act. To stay close to God, it takes effort and with all the running around and other church work, sometimes I can neglect the work it takes to keep my personal testimony strong. Praying to Heavenly Father and reading the scriptures or a message from the Prophet or his General Authorities and help me feel like I can know God cares about me personally and that he wants to hear from me and he wants to be there when I have decisions to make.