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Hi I'm Jamie

I was Baptized into the Church when I was 9. I try to live a good life, and Jesus is a Part of it. I am LDS. Some call me Mormon.

About Me

At 7 years old my family moved to Southern California. I grew up in Los Alamitos, California 5 miles from the Ocean. So I grew Up loving the Ocean. I played Sports of all kinds and seemed to be better at Baseball. Sang in my High School Choir, and still sing in the Church Choir. I grew up with Rock and Roll, but also played a French Horn in the School Band and Orchestra. I am now a Father, Grandfather, and try to be a friend to everyone I meet. At the age of 23 I almost died riding Hurricane waves out of Baja at 55th street in Newport Beach, CA. It ended with me being helped by Someone Special... Since then I have moved to many states trying to find a place to truly call Home. I have buried my Parents and a brother. Life has not been simple for me, but I have survived and will continue to survive. I still Swim at the Beach when I can. My family Hunts, and spends time outdoors as a family should. We count Satellites circling the Earth, as we lay on the Lake shore at night hoping to catch a Walleye or Huge Catfish. I am like most Men who Love being a Parent and often suffer when my children suffer. I celebrate my Children's birthdays with joy and happiness. I let them live their Lives, and can only be there for them when they need Me. It is what Life is all about... We are born. We live at home until we find someone we cannot live without. We Marry and realized our Parents are not as dumb as we thought they were. Our Kids find someone and we Cry tears of Joy, and love.

Why I am a Mormon

I am LDS because I choose to be... Growing up My Father was like so many generations of Men before him. He ruled the Home and everything we did with an iron glove. Beatings were common, and not even My Mother escapes them. I seldom spoke unless I was spoken to. My Mother and I could not sing unless My Father wanted to hear it. It was like living in a Prison, and I had not done anything to be put in prison. I was Born and nothing more. Our Family was held together by My Mother. Often we feared being evicted because My father took his paycheck and Gambled it away. Often all we had to eat was Bread and Milk. My Father smoked heavily, drank Alcohol, and was violent. I asked my Mother when I was about 4 years old why My Father was so mean. She told me he had a sickness, and I told her that I never wanted to catch his sickness. The only thing that stopped him from beating Us was when I stood up to him when I was 13 1/2 years old. I never heard him once say that He Loved or even cared for me his whole life. He was everything I did not want to be. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints saved my Life. Everything it teaches follows the Teaching of Jesus. There is not a Church on Earth that cares more for the Family Unit. I Love My Family, and could never make My children go through what I went through as a Child. There were and often still are times when things are tight. However I have never blamed my children for being the cause, nor made them feel that the Hard work I did for them was not worth it. It is impossible to Love Jesus and Not Love your Family. The LDS Church and Jesus has said that the Foundation of Jesus' Church on Earth is based on the Family Unit. So everything that is done in the Church is done to strengthen the Family. A Family should be led by a Loving Father and Husband. Who Loves his Wife, and they work as a Unit to raise and teach their Children to Live Righteously. My Children know I Love Them unconditionally, and always will...

How I live my faith

First off My faith is based upon the words spoken by Jesus. The things I do in my life are what Jesus ask Me to do. It is that simple. Jesus uses Simple words so that this Simple Man can understand what He is saying. Simple words like; LOVE, FORGIVE, REPENT, ACCEPT, BAPTISM, HUMILITY, DESIRE, PRAY, FAST, LISTEN, CHARITY, GIVE, SERVE, MARRIAGE, FIDELITY, CHASTE. And many more. I wish I could say that My faith allows Me to be like everyone else but it does not. I enjoy spending Sundays going to Church, and doing the things that help others in the Ward (Term use to describe an area by the Church). I enjoy spending at least one night a Month checking on the Families that I have been asked to watch over, and help them when needed. I enjoy taking My son to Scouts, and Young Adult activities like Dances, breakfasts, Bike rides, Climbing a 14er (Mountain over 14,000 feet), and everything else teenager enjoy doing. I do not smoke, take recreation drugs, drink alcohol, or participate in anything that would take food out of My Children's Mouths. I try to stay healthy, and eat good foods. For what would my Children do without Me. I have older children who do not need as much as they use to, but what would they do if I was not there to help when needed. None of My neighbors are LDS, but they know I am. I have helped them replace stoves, fix their cars, and assist them when asked by them. I help mow lawns along with helping neighbors get out of their driveways when snowed in. I have had many callings (Positions) in the Church which demand of me to spend time to accomplish. My Current calling is simply to gather members and friends to work at The Cannery so people who need food to survive will have some. This Food is not just for Members as Our Church has supplied food all over the World to those in need. The way I live My Faith is how I Live My Life. The way I live My life brings me Happiness, and Peace. I am not Perfect, and I do not expect anyone else to Be.