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Hi I'm Brian

I'm a college professor who teaches about politics and diplomacy, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

First and foremost, I am a husband and father. Most of my choices center around my family. I love traveling with them. For example, we packed the kids in the car and road tripped across 21 states to show them Washington DC and the origins of the country. Pure heaven! Each summer we plan a trip to see new places, but mainly to spend lots of time together without the interruptions of day to day life. I also love hiking with them. Most holidays involve a hike into the mountains of Arizona. We take the kids down into the grand Canyon as they each get old enough to get out on their own steam! While a transplant to Arizona, I've come to love its rugged terrain, its hidden surprises like water holes and forest glens, and its painted sunsets. In addition to hiking, I bike, run, and shoot a bow to relax. My other passion is teaching. I teach at a community college because it is at that level that I get to see the lights turn on! I love helping others find their path and develop the talents and interests that enable them to go on and do amazing things with their lives.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church, but felt I needed to find my own path. One thing I have always appreciated is that I was told over and over growing up to not accept anything I was told in church on authority, but that I had to find out for myself whether or not it was true. Compared to most cultures this is an odd way to pass on the faith; to be pushed out of the nest so to speak spiritually. As I studied other faiths I kept finding a missing ingredient: revelation. It seemed that most other faiths taught that God was either no longer in the business of directly speaking to man, or that communication with him needed to be mediated through some human authority figure, usually deceased. I began to more fully appreciate the uniqueness of the LDS understanding of personal revelation. I decided to take seriously the challenge of Moroni 10:4 and seek my own revelation on the truthfulness of the church. I received a strong answer, much to my surprise, and came to know in an undeniable way that God exists, He knows who I am, and that He will make much better use of my life than I ever could if I will let Him. Since then, I have followed more subtle promptings by the Holy Ghost. I served a mission for the church where I grew to understand the miracle of Christ's grace and experienced the gifts of the Spirit mentioned in the New Testament. I received guidance on key choices in my life in education, marriage, and employment. When I follow these promptings, the Lord's promise to guide my life has been fulfilled. When I am selfish and ignore these promptings, I inevitably stumble and experience regret. I'm a Mormon because without revelation, without Divine guidance directing my life and directing the Church, life would be a continual round of confusion. With the revelation that I get as a member of this church with the Gift of the Holy Ghost, my life has hope and direction.

How I live my faith

I've spent my life studying the use and abuse of power in politics. One thing I've learned is that true leadership is about service, not rank or privilege. Because the church has a lay ministry, I have been asked to serve in various leadership positions. Being a Mormon means accepting a life of service; service to my community, service to my family, service to my church, and service to God.