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Hi I'm Emily

I'm one of the baldest women you'll ever see! And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am what many like to refer to as "Molly Mormon" or "Suzy Homemaker", and I'm not afraid to admit it! I am a stay-at-home mom with three active and adorable little boys; I love to sew, craft, cook, read, write, decorate, organize, stalk crafty blogs, play with my boys and sleep (when i can...). I am making efforts to focus a great deal on my physical health - working out, eating right and feeling great. My biggest hobby is trying new things - whether it be a new workout, a craft or sewing project, a recipe, a food i've never cooked with before, a musical instrument, a book, a game, a language - I love to explore and stretch my talents and abilities. I love to study the Gospel, and also to learn about the beliefs of other Churches. It fascinates me to learn of the similarities and differences of other faiths compared to mine. If you're wondering why I look the way i do - I have Alopecia Universalis, which I developed after my first baby. It is a condition i would not wish on anyone, but what i have learned through dealing with it has been invaluable.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon born and raised. My childhood was... let's say "turbulent", but the Gospel of Jesus Christ was the one thing i could always rely on. I struggled with terrible depression for many, many years doubting and despising everything around me, but through it all, even through my deepest and darkest moments, the one thing i could never deny was the truthfulness of the gospel. In the black pit of despair i could convince myself on anything - i could convince myself that life was no longer worth living, but i could not convince myself that the gospel was not true. My heart, my soul, would not accept such lies. I've questioned my beliefs many times. I've puzzled, and still puzzle at times, over points of doctrine that confuse me. But there's always an answer. An answer that makes sense, that comforts me and uplifts me. There hasn't been, to my knowledge, any one big event (save the answer to prayer that directed me to marry my husband) that really "converted" me. They are simple, everyday answers. A push in the right direction, a feeling of comfort in a time of confusion, peace in despair, joy in obedience, prosperity in poverty. Every time i pass through a difficult situation, i can see clearly how i have improved physically, emotionally, spiritually, and/or financially from the situation and it drives ever deeper the knowledge that my life is directed by a loving Father who prepares these challenges for me, to help me grow, to guide me to what i was meant to be, and this Gospel, with its teachings and its standards, is exactly His design.

How I live my faith

I lead singing time with the children in our little Branch. It is a challenging, and sometimes terrifying responsibility, but there have been unexpected rewards. Being an extremely shy and unimposing person, the direct missionary approach ("Here's a Book of Mormon! You should read it!") absolutely terrifies me! I am more than ready to discuss beliefs when the topic comes up, and have had small discussions here and there about the structure of our meetings and the difference between a baby blessing and a baptism in our faith, but many people refrain from asking direct questions about religion too. Someday i'll get there, i'm sure, but for now, i'm doing the best i can to set an example for my non-member friends and family members by living the standards of the Church, and by encouraging my sons to do the same.