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Hi I'm Blaine

I'm a Husband, Father, Son, Financial Consultant, Author & Educator, living with symptoms of Parkinson's Disease. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have authored a textbook, taught college-level classes to adult learners, and developed music skills, as well. I have enjoyed being on stage, singing operettas and musical theater. Teaching and presenting financial seminars were just more forms of performing. Then, at the peak of my career, Heavenly Father allowed me the greatest learning experience of my life. Parkinson's Disease. The symptoms manifest as a little twitch of my left thumb. A few years later, as symptoms increased, I was diagnosed with early onset PD. The symptoms have slowly, but incessantly, made themselves present in my life. No longer are tremors from nervousness prior to going on stage. No longer is fatigue caused by a hard-fought basketball game or an animated lecture. No longer are my skills and talents sufficient to get me through the day. I have to rely more on my Savior and the support of a loving wife and family. In many ways, I have to follow the Lord's advice to "become as a little child."

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up, the LDS Church provided opportunities to see and do many things. We put on a musical play each summer. We also had music/singing festivals, dance festivals, and lessons on ettiquette. Each of these activities stretched my horizon and introduced me to new worlds. These activities also kept me in constant contact with young people of high moral character and personal standards. They became lifelong friends. I was socially converted to the church. As I passed through my teenage years, however, it was vital I gain a personal conviction of the truthfulness of this church. I am a Mormon because I have searched the scriptures and prayed. The Holy Ghost has born witness to me, of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the divine mission of Joseph Smith, to restore the original church to the earth. As a missionary, I had the opportunity to share these truths with people who came from a culture which did not know Jesus Christ. What a privilege it was to see the lives of these beautiful people change their lives as they were able to access the Atonement of Christ and receive peace and healing. I have personally felt the healing influence of the grace of God. The Savior's sacrifice for all who have lived, who live now, and all who will live on the earth, is Universal, yet it is very personal to each of us. I have felt the love of that one-on-one connection between me and the Savior. Now, over half a century after the beginning of my quest for personal conviction of the truth, my journey continues. It continues because I love the feelings of peace and stillness which accompany the ministering of the spirit, the hope and joy which come at the times of greatest need.

How I live my faith

Despite the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, the Lord has given me the opportunity to serve as a home teacher. I have the opportunity to go into the homes of three families each month to share Heavenly Father's message of love and concern. I have enjoyed getting to know these families. The home teaching program of the LDS Church is a unique way in which Heavenly Father implements His desire to "care for the widows" of the church. As the eldest son of a young widow, I grew up experiencing the love of God, through home teachers. One of the men called to look over my family, owned a dairy. Hearing my mother was struggling to put food on the table, he brought over a gallon jug in the shape of a milk can, and told us we could go to his dairy and fill it up every night. He showed us how to tap into his chilled holding tank and fill that can with fresh, cold milk. For over a year, this act of service blessed our family. Keeping that, and many other examples of home teaching in mind, I strive to be a positive influence in the lives of my home teaching families. I also strive to be worthy as a husband and father to the beautiful, loving wife and children with whom I have been blessed. My wife came into my life only three years ago, after we both became single. She was one of those faithful widows. Despite the symptoms of PD, she married me, anyway. She, and her five children, along with my two children, have brought much joy into my life. I strive each day to teach and learn the ways of the Savior. The peaceful spirit in our home makes this learning a lot easier. I express my faith each morning as I get up to face another day. It is only because of the love I feel radiating from the Savior and my Heavenly Father that I am able to continue. I am grateful for the many tender mercies and blessings my Heavenly Father pours upon me each day which allows me to continue living a relatively full life.

How does the Church finance its operations?

I am blessed to serve as a financial clerk in the church. The major portion of the funds the Church receives is that of tithes and offerings, as spoken of in Malachi, in the Old Testament. We believe it is our opportunity to pay 10% of our increase each year as an offering to the Lord. In return, we receive great blessings as the windows of heaven are opened. Paying tithing is an act of faith, not of monetary ability to pay. I have personally seen the faith of the members of the church express their great faith through the process of tithing. My own mother, shows great faith as a widow "casting in her mite" faithfully for the last 50 years, despite her relatively low income and resources. Yet, she has experienced the spiritual and monetary blessings of tithing which make it a privilege, not a burden, to pay her tithes and offerings. I can tell you the Church treats the tithes and offerings of the members as sacred funds. There are semi-annual audits to insure the sanctity of the members' offerings, ensuring each dollar is used for the sacred purposes of the Savior. I have served in the Treasury operations of State government and there are no more safeguards and protections than in the Church. Show more Show less