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Hi I'm Jim

I'm a Catholic convert, husband, father of 4, musician and love Jesus Christ. My wife and I were sealed 10 years after we married.

About Me

I was a very young, single father with one mission, to raise a tight-knit family that loved one another. I joined the LDS church after much prayer and inspiration. It was hard to leave my Catholic upbringing, but I was inspired to do so. I have been blessed with finding a loving and supportive wife who was a non-member, single mom when we met. She converted 10 years after we married and we have been sealed for time and eternity with our children. We have 4 wonderful adult children and use the gospel to guide us through our family and career decisions. My son is an Eagle Scout, my daughters and wife are smart and beautiful and my wife is very successful in her business accounting consultant career. Life is not always easy, but the gospel and Heavenly Father has helped us to overcome many of life's trials. We have always made it through lost jobs and physical ailments, because we place our faith in the Lord. Although my work career has been through corporate communications, I always have been able to keep music in my life. I have been blessed to be able to continue to teach and play music, even performing with award winning artists. I mainly play and teach guitar (classical, jazz, blues). I am currently attaining a Master's in Human Resources administration. I know that I have been able to keep learning new things and enjoying my family, because of the gospel. A perfect day would combine playing music with my family and fresh water fishing.

Why I am a Mormon

I had just turned 20 years old, was engaged and expecting my first child. Things were not well with my fiancee, who was addicted to drugs. Her family life was horrible and drugs was in all of their lives. I never did drugs and was hoping she could escape their evil influences. She could not. We were not able to stay together much longer after my son was born. I was devastated with my first attempt to start a family. I was in an emotional downward spiral. My son was born at the end of July and I was now faced with lawyer fees as I tried to attain full custody. I had broken one of the moral tenets I was raised to uphold, no premarital sex, and now I had brought my son into the world without a strong parental team. I was feeling like a complete failure. I had a solid and well paying job, but other than that I felt I really had let my son down. During this emotional downward spiral, I prayed to Heavenly Father for guidance and assistance. I knew I needed His help to set things in the right direction and prayed. I heard a distinct prompting telling me that I already knew that the Priesthood was necessary to help raise my son. I was prompted to contact my best friend's parents and they would help me. They were LDS. There was a problem. Two years before, they had moved after he joined the Army and I no longer knew how to contact them. I called one of my other LDS friend's mom (he was on his mission) and asked if she knew their number. She asked me if I was asking because I had heard that they had just moved back into town. I was stunned. No, I said, I was asking because I needed their help finding missionaries. I was trying to join the LDS church. I called them, talked to the missionaries and became a member of the LDS church. Three months had passed since my son's birth. I know Heavenly Father led me to this Church. I know that the Priesthood has guided me in being a man worthy of my family.

How I live my faith

I always try to balance my family time, job time and Church responsibilities. I feel best when I am able to spend time with my family and when I am doing something helping others. When given an opportunity to help someone out, I put my best foot forward even if I need to sacrifice a TV show, sports game or other non-essential activity. The feelings I get of self worth and satisfaction are magnified when I assist someone else in need. It is hard to explain, but living the gospel means serving others. When I do get to serve others in some kind of capacity, I feel great emotionally. The fact that members serve in their Church responsibilities without pay, means a lot to me. We do things, because we know that others will gain from our actions. I feel very proud of my children when others tell my wife and I how helpful they had been or how their examples have helped other children make good decisions. I know that my children act in this manner because it makes them feel good inside to help others. It is hard to put a finger on why we feel good about doing service, but it is a feeling that I am glad to experience.