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Hi I'm Gramma Jan

I'm a daughter, sister, wife, mother of 6, a gramma of 16 an counting,I'm a convert, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in a home of loving parents who took us to a church of another faith. I knew as a teenager I wanted Christ in my life and wanted a man who also wanted the same. As a young girl I prayed for patience to meet that special person. When I met my husband, he introduced me to the Mormon world. He told the minister who married us that someday he would take me to the Temple for time and all eternity. Pregnant with our 1st child we were sealed in the temple nearly 40 years ago. I am glad I am a Mormon. School did not come easy for me but I learned that I could create, for a girl growing up in the 50's-60's sewing was the option. Because of my talents I knew of my self worth and that Heavenly Father gives to people different talents. We need to develop them to the best of our ability and not lose them. I still love to sew and create. I made my wedding dress, my 3 daughters, 3 daughter-in-laws. I still love to create by sewing, but I have gained many other talents, gardening, working with wood and power tools, remodeling and working with chocolate. I have made chocolate candies for years but recently I have added that to my creativity. I have learned simple pleasures can bring great joy to others in many different ways. Attending a youth conference a few years back I felt a need to create individual pieces of my chocolates, becoming a gramma I have since named my chocolates after each my grandchildren. They have been my JOY!

Why I am a Mormon

At the age of seven i had my first experience with the death, with the passing of my grandmother. I remember as a young girl crying in bed, worrying that I would be alone in heaven. I never expressed my feelings to anyone. When I learned about the temple and being sealed for time and all eternity I knew I would never be alone. That was the beginning of my conversion. I am glad I am a Mormon As a teenager I was shy and did not talk much to guys. In my home I was allowed to takes sips of alcohol. I indulged a bit as a teenager. Looking back I am grateful for the Wisdom, my second realization that the church was true. Years later, as an adult I realized how grateful I was, I put myself in some pretty precarious situations. I later thanked my Heavenly Father that I was protected during those times of poor judgement. I also realized as a young Mormon mom and those hectic days that I would sip soda I once again thanked my Heavenly Father for the Word of Wisdom that I was not sipping wine. As a Mormon, I knew the day I gave birth to my 3rd child I wanted more children. I had the support of others. Looking back there were hectic days as a mom and now sometimes pulled in many different directions but I would not trade a tired moment for the JOY I feel looking back at glorious moments in my life. Giving birth and watching some of the births of my grandchildren. Gramma Jan is a very precious name for me and I hope to continue running, teaching my GRANDchildren about picking berries, checking out bugs, watching them picking up treasures in my garden. Helping teaching my grand children the joy creating new things Watch my children interact one with another. Standing back in sucking in those memorable moments. Knowing we are a eternal family with an eternity to be together.

How I live my faith

I have been involved in many different areas in church working with the young children, to the teenagers and I am now involved with the women in the church. I have been invovled in many different areas of the church, I have been blessed with working with the different people, feeling spiritual influences of our Heavenly Father directing me in many ways to help others. I have been involved in a few youth conferences where I have definitely felt our Heavenly Fathers help to be able to connect with the youth. In the last few years at girls camp I have been asked to help teach the young woman about using and creating with power tools. It was so much fun watching the girls get excited over using such powerful tools. While at girls camp I was able to share with a few of the girls whose grandfather taught me how to create with power tools, my great love for him and my appreciation for all that he taught me. I was honored this year at camp when his daughter told me that by watching me see a problem and fixing the problem it reminded her of her dad who would do the same. To be able to continue to feel our Heavenly Fathers influence in the things that I say and do brings me great JOY!

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Gramma Jan
Each day when I awake I asked Heavenly Father help me to listened and hear the prompting from the Lord and to respond to those prompting. Help me to see others around me who may be in need, even if it is just a friendly smile to others, not being so caught up in my own world I can not see a where I can help a neighbor, friend or a complete strangler.. Show more Show less

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Gramma Jan
As a new member of the church so many years ago I took great interest in being self-reliant. I was raised by parents who grew up during the depression and was taught well about making do with what you had. Being creative and re-purposing long before it was popular, such a recycling is today. Staying out of debt was very much part of my up bring. I wanted to learn more so when I was asked to teach a class on something whether I knew the subject or not I said "yes". I learned how to make soy milk, soy butter, make wheat bread. As my family grew in size I knew there was a need and it brought me great pleasure to learn more and teach others. I now have a great garden with many mature fruit tree and many different berry plants. It gives me great pleasure to share my bounty and also teach others how preserve and live off of what we have harvested. It is very rewarding to feeling Heavenly Fathers hand in things you have learned, created and grown from. My greatest pleasure at this time in my life it to look at a piece of wood or a piece of fabric and create or recreate something new - which is my new favorite word - re-purposing. Show more Show less