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Hi I'm Garret

I was taught to work hard as a kid and I love to work hard as a Construction Manager, all over the United States. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I work as a Construction Manager of a company that does concrete sawing and joint rehabiliation on airport runways and heavy highway joint and crack sawing and sealing. I get the opportunity to travel all over the United States on a regular basis to oversee the jobs we are working on. Being away from home is difficult but it makes those times when I am home even that much better. My wife and I moved to Michigan last year from the Reno, Nevada area after the economy decided to take a dive. We sold our home and made some very tough decisions. We decided to make the best of things and go somewhere we had never been and to have an adventure that we had never experienced before. I took a job in my current capacity and my wife Amanda decided after being a stay at home mom for 18 years, she wanted to attend Michigan State University to become a D.O. Primary Care Physician. It was tough moving so far away from our friends and family and moving somewhere we had never been. Our four children had to adjust. It was our oldest sons senior year in High School and it was especially tough for him at first. When we moved to Michigan we were able to live one of my life long dreams of living on a lake. I love boats and I love water sports. Our entire family should have been born with gills as much time as we spend in the water. I also love to fish and hang out in the outdoors with my wife and kids. I love being with my family more than anything else in the world and it shows!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have the promise and knowledge of being married to my wife Amanda and sealed to my children forever, even after death. I am a Mormom because of the knowledge I have gained in understanding many of the questions so many people have to certain aspects about our lives. What happens when we die? Why are we here? Why are we tested by trials thoughout our lives? I was born and raised in the church in Mesa, AZ. I grew up in a "picture perfect" family in the church. I did everything I was supposed too. I was called to serve a mission in Chile, S.A. at the age of 19. I married my wife in the temple when I came home from my mission and everything was supposed to be perfect, because I had done everything right! It took me some time and some hard lessons to understand that my happiness was not guarnteed by anything I did as a youth, or because I served a mission or married in the temple. My happiness was going to be determined only by me, my decisions and my relationship with my Heavenly Father. My wife and I joke about it now after being married for 19 years, but we joke about our 1st marriage and our 2nd marriage. Our first marriage being the first 7 years and the 2nd being the balance since then. It took me 7 years to grow up enough to understand that I could not continue to go on like I was. I was a mean, self-centered, prideful person. I was tired of always being mad. After much thought and a loving and patient wife I went to my Father in Heaven and asked him for help with my anger. I remember kneeling by my bed and actually asking him outloud to help me to not be so angry all of the time. I continued to pray and I opened my heart up to him for a few minutes. When I was done I felt a sense of peace that I had not ever felt before. At that very moment I felt and knew that the only way I was going to stop kidding myself and start being truly happy was by having his help on a regular basis. That was the start of something new!

How I live my faith

I live my faith through example and serving others.  I love to help others without reward or praise. I had a goal in my adult life to serve in some sort of political capacity to serve my community. While living in a bedroom community to Reno, Nevada I had the opportunity to do just that. I was asked by a group of people to apply for an appointment to the Planning Commission for the city where we lived. I applied and to my surprise I was selected and appointed by the Mayor. After serving as a Commissioner for 2 years, I was nominated to serve as the Chairman of the Commission, until my wife and I moved to Michigan. During that time period I also ran a successful campaign and won the election as a member of the local Fire District Board of Directors. I also served on that board until we moved to Michigan. Serving in politics gave me lots of opportunities to talk about my beliefs and faith with others. People were always fascinated to know that I was a Mormon and that I was in politics. It was something new to them because they have never met any Mormons in politics in that area before. I was able to serve the community through civil service and through being a good example to those that could see my morals reflected in my decisions. I currently serve and volunteer time as one of two counselors to the Branch President (congregation) where I live. I get the opportunity to visit the members of our congregation frequently and love to spend time in their homes. I love living my faith at work by example. As a Construction Manager in Heavy Civil Construction, I am always under short deadlines which require longs hours and lots of stressfull situations. We do lots of airport work which requires our work to be done by specific deadlines so they can re-open runways to commercial and military aircraft. This is very stressfull at times, but I always try to contain my emotions. I love being a Mormon because it gives me the knowledge of a loving Heavenely Father.