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Hi I'm Gregory

I grew up in New Jersey. I'm in college studying Biophysics. I love being a Mormon!

About Me

I am currently majoring in Biophysics at BYU and want to go on to study Biomedical Engineering, working specifically in prosthesis. I enjoy math and science, especially calculus and physics. I also really enjoy foreign languages and have studied Japanese (partial-fluency), French and German. I joined the LDS faith in my late teens, and it has been one of the greatest choices in my life. I truly believe in my faith and that has given me a solid identity and substance to my life.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized into and went to a Roman Catholic Church from the time I was born until I was about 10. At that point my family moved to Europe, to a country where the churches were mostly Protestant, or in any language but English. I lost contact with my faith. Even after moving back to the US I did not rebuilt my faith or started going to church, but I always believed in the Bible, always. Then when I was in High School a Mormon girl fell head over heels for me. She invited me over and her family ambushed me with a visit from the Missionaries. I became interested in the LDS Church, and met again and again with the missionaries. I found the Lord again, and I started to find happiness in my faith. I got baptized, and know that what I did was right. I know that the Church is true, that the Prophets from Joseph Smith to Thomas Monson have been called of God to do his work. I know that the Bible, The Book of Mormon, The Doctrine and Covenant, and The Pearl of Great Price are True and of the Lord. I know that Jesus is The Christ, and that through him we can return to live with Heavenly Father again. I know that through the Holy Ghost we can know all things, and that we can know the Lord's plan for us. I know that this Church is true, has the fulness of the Gospel, and is the path to the highest level of Heaven. I testify of these things to the world, and do so in His name, the name of the Only Begotten Son, the Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

The most important thing I do is going church every Sunday because it shows the Lord that I want to honor Him in honoring his Sabbath Day. I also work diligently in the church as a servant of the Lord. In the Lord’s church each person is required to work diligently, it is by no means a free ride to salvation. At home I read my scriptures, pray, and seek after the Holy Spirit. When I have bad days and tell myself, "I was too tired, or there was no time, or I just forgot," but ultimately I realize that I need to repent and go back to reading the Lord's path for me. There is no other way to the Lord besides His way and He requires I be familiar with it. When I neglect to read my scriptures I do not hear the Lord's voice and I stray from the straight and narrow path He has set forth. All things I desire to do I desire so that I might stay on that straight and narrow. That's how I live my faith - with honest effort and hard work.

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity to me, an unmarried young man, is avoiding situations where sexual desires are stirred inside of me. I know that when I do not avoid those situations it is like dancing on the edge of a cliff. With enough time each of us will fall off that cliff and the only way to not fall is to not dance on the edge of a cliff. When I keep the Law of Chastity I avoid hurting myself, just like falling off of a cliff hurts. While the exhilaration that comes with danger can seem fun, I know it does not last. But the safety and peace that comes with caution and careful self-control lasts long past this life. It lasts into the eternities. And the best thing about that safety and peace is that there is nothing you have done that can exclude you from having it if you have faith enough in the Lord. Show more Show less