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Hi I'm Lance Leavitt

I'm a Mormon.I've lived in Nev, Cali, Mont, Louisiana, Florida. 11yrs US army, 20yr firefighter. Married 29yrs. 2 kids

About Me

I was born in Nv into the church, raised Mormon, lived in and out of the church. I spent 11years in the US Army and Nevada Army National Guard. I have worked as a fire fighter/paramedic, engineer/paramedic for close to 20 years and have been happily married for nearly 30 years with 2 kids. I smoked cigars, drank, brewed my own beer, and partied pretty good. Life was good. Then one day I started to feel like I needed some balance in my life so I started to read philosophy which eventually led me back to our heavenly father. I recently went to my bishop, got my act together, am reading the scriptures, praying, gained my own testimony for the first time, baptized my daughter, and attended the temple. The fleeting happiness I was chasing for years is mine constantly now through the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Joy is now very much a part of daily life. My relationships are stronger on all accounts and most of my friends have supported me. I look forward to serving Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

When I looked at what I had learned over the years about mormonism, I kept seeing parts of the gospel in most other religions but not all of it. When I analyzed works vs faith I kept coming to the conclusion that believing in Christ means the same thing as believing in anything else, living that way. So many other religions take a piece of the bible to believe or just believe the new testament. I believe in the bible from the first page of genesis to the last page of the new testament to be the word of god. I think it is clear that much has been removed from the bible in the council of 1610. The mormons believe in serving, living, being Christ like. They believe that everyone will fail but with faith, repentance, baptism, and the holy ghost we are saved through enduring our whole life the best we can. They love me and they love my family. You may find some mormons to be snotty, but most are warm humble people. Don't be thrown off tract by the few. Read the Book of Mormon prayerfully and as in the challenge of Alma you will gain a testimony.

How I live my faith

First by being a responsible American, working hard, actively raising my children, taking care of my extended family and taking care of all I have been blessed with. I pray in the mornings and most evenings. Family prayer most evenings and over most meals. I read the scriptures with my daughter and support her all I can. I attempt to set a proper example of love toward my wife. Family night, formal or informal, most weeks. I read the scriptures daily and attempt to stay constantly in prayer and repentance just as the scriptures say, but also because I have quickly learned to love the companionship of the Holy Ghost. The comfort, joy and serenity that comes through this blessing is in-describable. I repent through out the day for my smaller transgressions and in the evening for larger transgressions. This helps to keep the Holy Ghost with me and gives me a reminder of the areas I'm working on. I pay an honest tithe. The law of tithing was a big stumbling block for me. Until I realized that everything I have came from the lord, everything I am came from the lord, and everything of mine in all senses of the word is his. That the lord uses my tithes to help out others less fortunate. If I love the lord then I love my fellowman. If I love my fellowman then I should want to help him. Tithing became a law of love. Love toward my heavenly father, love for Jesus Christ, love of this gospel, and love for my fellowman. How easy it is when I looked at it in that light. The lord gave unto me and just wants me to give unto others very little as a token of my love and faith in him. Is this not the charity as spoken of in Faith, Hope and Charity? Apply the gospel to life just don't talk it or read.

Who was Joseph Smith?

Lance Leavitt
We believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God just as Abraham was, or Issac, or any of the prophets in the scriptures. Just as many of the bible prophets where called by God to restore and/or preach the gospel of Jesus Christ so was Joseph Smith. We believe that Jesus Christ actively guides his church and people today through revelation. Many times in the scriptures a people lost there way from God and the Lord called a prophet to bring those people back to his flock. Joseph Smith was such a prophet. Joseph Smith loved and served the Lord Jesus Christ all his life. He worked to bring Jesus's Gospel back to this time in history. He preached Christ's teachings. He died while in the service of our Savior. Show more Show less