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Hi I'm Steve

I joined the church at age 32. I live in Arizona and love it. I've never been happier. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a convert to the church, since age 32. I'm married and my wife is the light of my life. She is fun and fantastic. We are best friends. We have many common and a few separate interests. Our common number one priority is definitely our family. We are parents of 4 wonderful boys (3 are adults) and one lovely adopted daughter (from Russia). I love being married and having a family. It is wonderful to see them mature and grow up and start to have their own families (one grandson). Spending time with them is my favorite past-time. It doesn't have to be a formal activity. Hanging out with them or playing games can be the best since there is more time to talk and enjoy one another. Personal interests of mine overlap with those of my wife & kids: golf, boating, motorcycle/ATV riding, exercising, racquetball, camping, eating, yard work (despite the Arizona heat), volleyball, more eating, and almost anything outside. I also enjoy traveling to visit family. I've lived in Utah, North Carolina, Maryland, Oregon & now Arizona. I've loved them all for different reasons. I am a practicing physician, specialty radiology. I enjoy my work but would rather not take "night-call." Retirement or partial retirement is not quite as close to a reality as I'd like, which is OK.

Why I am a Mormon

I had no intention of joining the church when I first agreed to listen to the missionaries. To say I was a skeptic would be kind. What I did know for sure, was that if I ever did come to realize that the Book of Mormon was true, I would have the integrity to admit it and to search out even more diligently to find answers. I started with a belief that a "supreme being" likely existed & that Christ may be involved, but I didn't understand or appreciate the atonement. I hadn't thought about where we came from, why we are here, or where might we end up. My sophistication was rudimentary at best. At the time, I wasn't sure these answers were important or known. For me, it was learning how to pray & why we pray; learning to fast while praying about important questions; reading the Book of Mormon with real intent; and finally, allowing the Spirit to touch my heart to testify to me about the truth of things. This was my epiphany. While reading, I knew that the question that needed answering in my heart was "Is it all true, or is it all false?" Well, it wasn't immediate (a few months), nor was it subtle; I was literally overcome with an immensely strong feeling and knowledge that the Book of Mormon was clearly all true and could only have been restored & translated by the power of God. This realization was shocking to me. It wasn't what I was looking for or what I wanted. Yet, it was undeniable. I followed through with my personal promise to "seek more answers." What a blessing it was to learn that Heavenly Father (God) allowed His only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) to come to earth to teach His children, to establish His church, to atone for all sin, & to be resurrected...clearly because He loves us and wants us as His children to return some day to His presence. Because He loves us, He has blessed us with living prophets, just as he did in times of old, to guide and help us today. I know He loves all of his children. I gladly share this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I love my community, my state and my country. I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful world despite it's turmoil. I enjoy community events of most types. I feel that it's important that we contribute to our communities to make them stronger and safer places. Church time is a busy and extremely satisfying time. I am blessed to be able to work directly with children, youth, young adults, and most other members of our congregation (ward). It is very comforting to be in an environment where people serve one another willingly, where they give freely of their time and talents to teach, lead, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We teach each other, we serve each other and we love to be involved in activities to serve our communities also and to build relationships with any and all of God's children. I believe that accepting people for who they are and for what they believe is very important. That said, I know the gospel of Jesus Christ and faith in Jesus Christ is central to true happiness. Therefore, I believe that we are obliged to share that message with others so that they have an opportunity for the same happiness and blessings my family and I enjoy. My faith and beliefs are my life, therefore I try to live in harmony with those beliefs by not being ashamed of what I believe or what peculiarities I may have. I'm very proud to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and to live obediently regarding His precepts. I feel respected for avoiding hypocrisy and doing what I can to be kind to and serve my fellow man with love and charity. I am grateful for repentance and forgiveness personally, and for the command to forgive all men. I find that "turning the other cheek", while sometimes difficult, is very satisfying. I make mistakes, but know that with sincere repentance I am forgiven. The atonement of Jesus Christ is an awesome and mind boggling gift that I love to continue to learn of and enjoy.