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Hi I'm David

I am on a mission in San Antonio Texas for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am David i guess i shoulld share a little with yall about my me and my life. well first ill start off by talking about my hobbies i am a baseball fanatic ive played for pretty much all of my life and before my mission i was playing for a college and i hope to continue playing after the mish. i also love to go to the beach and longboard with my friends cuz living in california the beach is a necessity for me lol. i also during the winter love to snowboard and ride dirtbikes. i guess you can say im pretty extreme haha jk. watching and quoting movies is what i do. i also love to meet knew people and hablar en espanol. well if u wanna know more just ask.

Why I am a Mormon

well this is a really touchy subject because the church of jesus christ mean so much to me. i grew up mormon and i grew up going to chruch and everything but i never really cared for it i never really payed attention and tryed to live the teachings i was just kind of going just because my parents made me and i never really new the difference between religions and such. it wasnt untill i turned 18 years old is when the thought of a mission started to entere into my mind but it was very faint because i was dead set on not going and just stasying and playing baseball because that was my dream and i was being looked at by colleges and professional scouts and everything. so the thought of a mission was merely a thought. but then one day i was playing catch just warming up and i went to through the ball to my partner and my elbow just felt really weird and i went to throw it again and the ball just dropped and a shock of pain went up my arm. so i was like this is not good. so a few weeks passed doctors said it was going to be about 6 months before i could get back to throwing. so i kept going to practice and everything and then the thought of a mission kept pounding in my head idk why but it just did until that was the only thing i could think about so i decided to do what everyone does in that situation to pray. so i prayed and i asked god what do u want me to do serve a mission or stay here. and the very next minute the coach calls me on my cell phone and the n says i need to talk with you and i went in and i talk with him and he says to me that i think were gunna let you go because i think it would be best if you figure out if ur going to serve a mission or stay and play so in that moment i knew that was exactly what i needed o to do. and later i went and pprayed again and asked our father if thats what i should do and my whole body was just engulffed in this warm feeling. and i knew that the church is true and i needed to serve a mission.

How I live my faith

well currently i am serving in the texas san antonio mission and im loving every minute of it and i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

one of the amazing signs that there is a god to me is the god given gift to choose from good or evil from eternal life or death. everyone in this life has the this gift. to be able to discern from right and wrong is an attribute of a god. god has a provided us with the choice of choosing our own fate by excersing the god given right to choose good or bad. god does not persuade us to do good or bad we decide on our own the road we want to choose. and the rewards of either choice are given according to the decision we make. but being able to choose our fate is deffinatly a sign that there is a god to me Show more Show less