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Hi I'm Vicki !

I have lived all over the world, including Africa. I have always loved the Lord since I was a small child. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My father, husband, and sons have served our country in the military. The military life allowed us to live in many fascinating places around the world, including Morocco, Africa. The sunsets in Africa were exquisite! We would sit on the stone wall around our home and watch as the brilliant sun seemed to dip into the ocean! The Lord created such a beautiful world for us to enjoy! At almost every duty station we took home a wonderful souvenir! We ended up with nine incredible souvenirs! Four sons, and five daughters! My treasures from around the world! This gift keeps giving as they have blessed us with 23 beautiful grandchildren. I stayed very busy as a Commander's wife, serving in callings in our Church, being a wife and mother, taking college courses as I could, squeezing in time to do genealogy, and often worked from home . Our best Christmas was in 1986 when we, along with other volunteers from our Church, adopted several needy families in the area. My children would earn money, and then ask me who else needed a gift on our list. We had a big red Chevy van, and we filled it with the black bags that our Santa Claus took to each home. One child dashed out of her home while excitedly exclaiming to Santa,"This is the first time you ever found our home!" Best Christmas ever for us! My children continue serving the Lord in their own little families. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matt. 25:40.

Why I am a Mormon

Ever since I was a small child, gazing upon the Nativity my mother set up each Christmas season, I have sought Him. My father did not want our family to attend Church although his own father was a minister. I would hop on the Church buses that went through our military housing development when I was younger, and then as a teen I attended the Chapels on the base. After I married, I discovered that my husband whom I had dated for six years, did not really believe that Jesus was our Savior, but only a great prophet of sorts. He had attended the Chapel services with me, and I had assumed he had a testimony of the Savior. I began praying that our little family would be led to the right Church, and that my husband would believe in the Lord. My husband would tell his college friends that I was a "Jesus freak" because he did not understand my love for the Savior, or my desire to know Him. My husband was sent to ROTC camp, and he was the only non-LDS in the barracks he was assigned. One of the cadets in his barracks broke his hip. An x-ray confirmed it, and he was to be sent home. Two of the LDS cadets gave this young man a Priesthood Blessing. They placed their hands on his head, anointed his head with consecrated oil, and prayed to their Father in Heaven that he would be healed if it was the Lord's will. The doctors took another x-ray before putting him in a cast, and there was NO sign of a broken hip! That got my husband's attention! The cadets invited him to attend their Sunday Church service, and my husband felt something very special, and wanted to know more about their Church. He brought me a copy of the Book of Mormon. I prayed and I felt it was true as I read it! My parents were upset and tried to talk me out of joining the Church. They had heard the rumors about the Church that were untrue, and did not know the truth! I knew in my heart that this was the Lord's Church, and that my prayers had been answered! My husband and I were baptized together!

How I live my faith

When our small son was barely three years old, he was running a fever, and my husband decided to give him a Father's Blessing. It was the first blessing he had ever given because we had just joined the Church. He placed his hands on our son's head and prayed to our Father in Heaven that our son would get better. As soon as the prayer was over, our young son asked us who the two men dressed in long white robes were who had placed their hands on his head. That special witness to us that the Gospel is true, that angels do attend us, and the Lord is always mindful of us strengthened our budding testimonies some 35 years ago. We are taught such things as to care for the sick, to help the poor, and to care for the elderly. This is true religion. Our family has strived to reach out to others in the community. Whether it is gleaning that goes to food banks and the needy, donating food to the Boy Scouts food drive, or making charitable contributions. We believe that everyone is a child of God, and that the Lord expects us to share what we have been blessed with, whether it is with our time, our talents, or with our means. We strive to teach the children and the youth in our Church to have faith, hope, and charity. To love the Lord, to love others, and to follow in the Lord's foot steps. As we teach the Gospel and strive to perfect ourselves by serving others, and sharing our testimonies of the truthfulness of the Gospel, we hope to be righteous examples of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.