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Hi I'm Dave

Born and raised in Arizona, USA traveled a bit to New Zealand, Nepal, Marshall Islands, and British Columbia. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a dad to three kids; two of them are married and my youngest is in high school and looking forward to going to college. I've got one fantastic grandson who just turned 1 year old and a grand daughter on the way. I work on rockets and satellites and such and have always enjoyed the challenge of getting something into space. My hobbies are sailing and building models (plastic, balsa wood, paper) of planes, ships, and (of course) rockets... and my passion is reading books on World War II history. My wife and I have her mother and father living with us in addition to my youngest son, and we have a dog (the dog may love us both, but he loves my wife the most). My life pretty much revolves around my family and all the adventures we have together. My all-time favorite places I've been are: 1) Christchurch, New Zealand 2) Kathmandu, Nepal 3) Catalina Island, California 4) Kwajalein, Marshall Islands, 5) San Francisco, California and 6) Victoria, British Columbia. I've climbed volcanoes, hiked on glaciers, kayaked with killer whales, sailed into the sunset, and body-surfed on the waves of the Pacific Ocean. However, I still have a lot left to do... I want to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, visit England, see the fjords of Norway, explore Australia, and spend some time on Kauai enjoying the views.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up without any religion in my life and without an understanding of my relationship to God our Father or to Jesus Christ. My views of religion came from movies like 'The 10 Commandments' and 'Ben Hur'; I tried to read the Old Testament once or twice but never made it past Genesis. And then as I became an adult I started to ask myself questions like "why am I here?", "where did I come from?", and "where am I going?" And one day for one reason or another as I was writing a letter to a friend I had known back in high school I suddenly wrote "Have you ever felt like you are in a dark room and you are searching for a light so you can see? When are you going to show me the light?" Well, it just so happened that this friend of mine was Mormon and she invited me to church and I sat in her primary class as she taught about Moses and the fiery serpents. It wasn't long before I contacted the missionaries (I was nervous before calling them but went on my faith), and then was baptized (still a little nervous, but going on my faith). I knew, and still know, without a doubt that this is the true church with the true gospel. I'm so grateful for my friends and family who have been good examples to me during my life. And I am so grateful to be part of the community of the Saints. Our Ward (a congregation is called a Ward) is very close, as all wards are, and I've enjoyed being a part of a community; giving service has been a great experience and I've learned to accept service from others as well (which was a tougher lesson for me to learn). In a world that is very confused with all kinds of messages I can find comfort in being a Mormon and having direction and purpose. Knowing that my Father in Heaven and his son Jesus Christ care for me and love me gives me strength when I am weak. I've been a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 12 years now and am grateful to my high-school friend (now my wife) who "showed me the light".

How I live my faith

There are many ways in which I strive to live my faith. Let me start by saying that I am not perfect... I make mistakes and try to learn from them... I have weaknesses and try to overcome them... but living my faith makes me want to try harder to be a better person each day. In our family we start each morning by reading from the scriptures; there is no better way to prepare ourselves to go out into the world to school and work than by starting the day with scriptures and prayer. During the day I try to be a good example to those around me; I follow the guidance given to us by our church leaders concerning how to be healthy, how to keep our thoughts and actions in line with the Lord's teachings, to keep my speech free of slanders or curses that are so often found in the workplace these days. If I'm having a difficult day at work I pray for peace. Each Sunday my family attends our ward service and our lessons and classes; in the church I am currently supporting the bishop of our ward by being his executive secretary. As the executive secretary I schedule all of his appointments, fill out forms he needs, and in general do everything I can to lessen his burdens or the time he has to spend away from his family while being the bishop. In the past I've volunteered in the nursery (my favorite calling), in the Boy Scouts with our young men, taught classes to the youth, been president of the men's quorum, and at one time a counselor to the bishop. All of these positions were a little daunting at the beginning (especially the nursery, for me) and something I learned quickly to love. My wife and I also go to the Temple nearby and do service there. The temple's are special places, different from our congregational buildings or chapels, where we go to do service for those that didn't have the opportunity to enjoy the gospel in their lives. Being in the temple often is important to me.