Beverly: Mormon.

Hi I'm Beverly

About Me

I'm a grandmother. I love my family and enjoy doing things with them. I love to scrapbook pictures of our family activities.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I grew up in the Church, I studied the scriptures and prayed to gain my own testimony. I felt the Holy Ghost testify to me of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, and the prophet Joseph Smith. I love the peace and comfort I get as I pray and try to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ. I love the temple and the peace and love that I feel there. I am so glad that I can be sealed to my husband, children, and parents. I love my family and want to be with them forever.

Personal Stories

Please explain the part prayer plays in your life?

Prayer is very imortant to me. Sometimes I get discouraged and think that life isn't treating me fairly. I wonder why I have to go through the trials that I have. As I talk with my Heavenly Father through prayer, I receive answers that help me. I can give a few examples. My husband lost his job when another company bought his company. I felt it just wasn't fair when he was doing a good job, that the company would elimate his position and let him go. As I prayed about it, my anger disappeared and I felt the assurance that my Heavnely Father was actually helping us. The peace I received at that time, helped me during the time that my husband looked for a new job. He found a new job and lots of things that we had hoped to happen in our life occurred. I realized that my Heavenly Father saw a much bigger picture than I did. I was thankful for the reassurance that he gave me. Another time, I wasn't sure how to handle a situation I faced with one of my children. As I prayed, thoughts came to me. When I followed that inspiration, things worked out well for me and my child. I have found that I can pray about anything that is a concern to me. I've had Heavenly Father help me find lost keys, comfort me, encourage me, help me with problems, and even help me find friends when I moved to a new location. Heavenly Father answers my prayers. He knows the big picture and answers in the way that is best for me. Through prayer, I have learned patience, found peace, known ways to serve others, and felt my Heavenly Father's love. I am thankful for prayer.

How I live my faith

Each morning we have family prayer and scripture study. I feel that this is a great way to start the day. I love to study the scriptures. I have learned that service is important. I try to serve my neighbors and those around me. Many mornings, my children and I would shovel the snow off our neighbors sidewalks. I help with sewing or babysitting when neighbors need my help. At church, I teach classes, lead the singing, and take an active part in the lessons.