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Hi I'm Bruce R.

I grew up in Mesa, Arizona. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Dad of 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl). They have their own families now and have a total of 15 children--my grandkids. I graduated from Arizona State University, majoring in Accounting. I was born into a Mormon family along with 5 brothers and 1 sister.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I was blessed to be born into a Mormon family. But even more so, I prayed at an early age and received an answer. I testify that Jesus is the Christ, that he lives today, and that He restored His church through the Prophet Joseph Smith. When I was 7 my brothers talked me into jumping from the roof onto an army cot mattress. When I jumped only the lower half of my body hit the mattress. My brothers took me to the side of the house and calmed me down. We went into the house, not knowing that this was to become a life changing event. I started having seizures a few months later. My folks found a doctor in Phoenix. At the St. Joseph hospital they x-rayed me and gave me an ekg--monitored the brain activity. After these tests they said they could not operate. The brain tumor was to deep. It appeared I would live a life under constant care. My Dad went to the Stake President (a Stake is made up of several wards--congregations--within a defined area) and asked him to have them fast (going without food for 24 hours) and pray for me that Sunday. They did. Monday, my Dad gave me a blessing. He then ask the Doctor to run the tests again. The Doctor tried to discouraged this from happening. My Dad told him that he was paying the bills and he wanted it done. They were run. The tests showed the tumor had moved to the surface of the brain and could be operated on. The operation was a success. A few weeks later we met with the Doctor. He said that during all his life he believed that there was no such a thing as a miracle--that science could explain everything. He said that the success of the operation was a miracle and science would never explain it. That was included in my official record. I testify that the priesthood that Christ gave his apostles, was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and that my Dad (and me) hold this same Priesthood. It was by this Priesthood, and the faith and prayers of many members that I have lived a full life.

How I live my faith

I am a home teacher and visit 4 families each month. I go with a companion home teacher and we meet with the families to see if that there is anything we can do to help them. This is then reported to the Bishop (who serves as the head of the congregation without pay) and if there are needs, we organize a group of members to help meet them. I look forward to this because I enjoy helping others and I have had many opportunities. I feel blessed to help the Bishop fulfill his role of servicing those within his congregation. The church also has its own welfare system (celebrating 75 years of service this year) to help out those who may be having hard times. The church has Bishop Storehouses that resemble grocery stores. There, volunteers help members fill their carts. I have gone several times and it is truly humbling to see that those in need are assisted in this way. It's a joy to see their smiling faces as I help them. Both here and at Deseret Industries (like Goodwill where members donate used items), members can feel they are earning the goods they receive. This was organized during the deep depression of the 1930's. I testify that this was set up at the direction of our Savior so that His church could provide for their own and would not have to rely on the government welfare system where things are doled out without making any effort to earn it. I also enjoy meeting with one or more of my kid's families each Monday to have our Family Home Evening. Here we have a lesson on living the way Christ would have us live. We then can discuss events of the prior week and any activities that may be coming up soon. And then, last but not the least, we have games and refreshments. Sometimes we may have a family outing. Bowling, going to a movie, or having a picnic are just a few of the things we do. I testify that this was set up at the direction of our Lord, and serves to help keep the family strong by living a Christ like life. I invite you to do this with your family.