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Hi I'm Steve Mroz

I live in central Texas and am a Mech.Engineering manager for the largest, world-wide OEM electronics manufacturer. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Come Dec.4th of this year, 2011, I will have been married now for 40 years. My wife and I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. I absoutely love my job. It is my dream job. I had always wanted to work for a Taiwan company. ( As most of my professional carreer I had dealt with, worked with companies in Taiwan). It is challenging , but also very rewarding. I have been with this company for 14 years now. I travel to China, where our manufacturing facilites are located, about 1~3 times year.

Why I am a Mormon

It ll stared with my wife and I ( who is also of a Polish-American backround and raised in the Catholic faith as well) attending Catholic church at our local parish. We had attended different churches/ parishes throughout our marriage as we moved form own to town. As we did we noticed a "non-standard" method of presenting gospel doctrines and principles. It varied from one church to the other. Then, truthfully, we were not being fulfilled spiritually. We yearned for more knowledge, had more questions ( especially as we got older, started to raise a family , becam settled down in our employmet, etc.) So we began searching. Searching other faiths, churches. To make a long story short, we wound up attending a Methodist church. Very nice and friendly congregation. The Sunday services were fine. But my wife and I soon discovered that yearning again, "that there must be more". We became freinds with the organist at this Methodist church, who as it turns out happened to a a latter day saint. We admired his family and the way that they "carried themselves". The way they conducted themselves as a family. There was "something there". It was also a little surprising when we had our "pot-luck" dinners after our services, that this family could not stay to attend. They had to "attend their church" as they said. Now this really got our attention. What family would pass up a free meal ? So as we inquired of our new found freinds , "what religion" they were. They informed us that they were LDS. We were introduced to the LDS missionaries a short while later , absolute felt the spirit of thei rmessage and instructions,and were baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

How I live my faith

My membership in my church has helped my development and experience in life, in so many ways. In our church there are no "paid clergy". The leadership of our church is made up of everyday people like you or I. I have been a Sunday school teacher, a nursery worker, a young men's presdient, even a bishop (pastor of a congregation) . These learning experiences have enabled me to lead my life, lead my family in a peaceful and positive direction. We are kinder towads each other. Kinder towards our neighbors. We have learned that we are all brothers and sisters here on this earth. Our God, your God, is known as our Heavenly Father. And we in our church, are being taught, each and everyday of our lives, on how we all can return to his presence, in heaven, or what we call , "eternal life" and "exhaltation". And we can be together, with each and every meber of our family, forever, in the kingdom of our inheritance.