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Hi I'm Garrett

Sometimes I'm awesome. Other times, I'm awesome. But always, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a freckled, curly haired man. Music pretty much runs my life. I love to play the guitar and I love to convey emotions through it. One of my lifelong goals is to be able to record and produce music and even run my own recording studio. There is nothing as complex and as beautiful as music. I love being active and playing sports. But I also love being lazy and playing xbox. I enjoy reading good books and comics. I'm really into movies and I love quoting them with friends. My favorite director is Christopher Nolan, my favorite author is God, my favorite video game is Bioshock, and my favorite music artist is Jesse Lacey. I don't think it's very easy to stereotype me. I can get along with almost everyone, although I'm a little more shy than I want to be. I spend most of my time with a few select friends that I've known since elementary school. We chill, go to movies, make music, and do stupid stuff. We're unstoppable.

Why I am a Mormon

As far back as I know about, my family have been Mormons. My ancestors were among those that followed the Spirit of God and their hearts and stuggled across the American wilderness to find a refuge in the West. Their example inspired generation after generation and led to thousands of their posterity to be baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ. But that's not why I'm a Mormon. My parents raised me as a Mormon and I went to church every sunday. My mother is still one of the most stalwart, quiet examples of a Christian that I know of. My two siblings have deep testimonies of the gospel, as well, and they are huge examples to me. But that's still not why I'm a Mormon. I'm a Mormon because I knelt down in prayer. Because I didn't feel like I knew who I was or what I was going to do in my life. Mostly, I wanted to know if God is really my Heavenly Father. I wanted to know if he loves me. That simple, sincere desire led me to ask and to receive an immediate, overwhelming, undeniable answer from God himself. I KNOW that God loves me and that he wants the best for me. I KNOW that His Church is on the earth today headed by a living prophet. That Church is what God wants for me and what he wants for every one of His children. That means you.

How I live my faith

I like the idea of "living" my faith; making my life harmonize with the teachings of Jesus Christ and always remembering Him no matter where I go or do. Right now I'm serving as a missionary in Southern California. It's an amazing experience and it's taught me so much. I've had the oppurtunity to see many different cultures and talk to thousands of people from all different backgrounds. I've been blown away at how fast I have come to love each and every person I've met here.

What is faith?

Faith is something that grows within you as you strive to find it. It's a feeling, but not an emotion. Faith moves people to action. Faith is a desire and a hope for things that we can't see yet. It's hope in things that can't be proved no matter how many stars are counted, how many archaelogical digs are completed, or how many intellectual essays are written. Faith can only come through your desire and through divine intervention. Show more Show less