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Hi I'm Sarah Cate

Music is my life. I'm suuuper outdoorsy. I love to laugh. I love my family. I love my red hair and i'm a mormon!

About Me

I love people! I love the diversity of life. I most enjoy being outside and doing something active. My family is the most important thing to me. I recognized at an early age that service and traveling are some of my great passions. I have used both of these to send myself to Africa and Mexico and was blessed to travel to China. I did all of this with my wonderful sister. My sister and i are currently on the greatest adventure of our lives...our missions! Although we are in very different locations, our work and our message is the same: The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth and you can know the truthfulness of it for yourself.

Why I am a Mormon

The decision to move away to college easily enabled me to branch away from the religion i had grown up in. I immediately ended my attandance at church. I made it a point to make friends that were not of my faith. I loved my new outlook and embraced my new lifestyle. It seemed that life, for a while, was easier and that my friends were numerous and my life was happy. I always had a hard time communicating with home because i did not want to lie to my parents. After a while i began to feel empty. I realized quickly that i was not happy. I was frustrated and stuck. It was around this time that two of my very dear friends passed away within six months of eachother. This was a very hard thing for me. I could not understand why. Why did they have to go so young. Why did they get to leave and all of us had to stay here. They both were very happy individuals but were opposite in every way. One was a mormon missionary. The other was a faithful catholic. Both lived their lives very differently but both were united in their faith in something more. I was facinated by this faith. Something rang true to me that if i wanted to find my happiness, i needed to find my faith. I searched many churches and attended different kinds and read many books. After much opposition, i decided to read the Book of Mormon. I needed to give it a sincere shot. I began reading every day and reluctantly went back to church. I prayed every night to God to help me find the truth. I found that through the consistancy of Praying, reading the words of God, and Going to church, enabled me to find my lasting happiness. I know that God uses the every day to help us undestand this life and its eternal promises.

How I live my faith

Currently, I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This was not something I had always aspired to do nor even desired. When the Holy Ghost first whispered to me that i needed to go on a mission, I quickly ignored the prompting and moved on. It seemed the more the spirit whispered, the more I would resist. I went back and forth for several months between going and not going. I wanted God to give me a definite YES or NO answer. Since no apparent answer came, I resolved that I would not serve a mission. My best friend in college was, to my knowledge, not a mormon. During my final semester before my mission, i explained that i was trying to be more commited to my religion and that i was making changes in my life. One of these changes included going to church every sunday. One particular weekend I planned that i would go to my parents house for the weekend. I invited my friend to spend the weekend at my parents house and go to church with us. Surprisingly, my friend accepted. When we were all joined together to participate in the sacrament, my friend turned to me and explained that they had something very important that they needed to tell me but that it would have to wait. The service was lovely and talked much of missionary work. Again I felt the whisperings to go on a mission and, sadly, once again, i ignored it. When we were driving back to school my friend turned to me and said, " I need to appologize to you. I have been a member of your church for five years but i feel impressed to tell you how i became one." They went on to explain that they had been found by some sister missionaries and right when they had explained that, the spirit confirmed, with the strongest clarity that only the spirit of the Lord can give, that i needed to serve a mission. My friend and i have since then both changed our lives. I am on a mission serving the Lord and helping others make the same changes i did in order to be truly happy.

What is the priesthood?

Sarah Cate
It is the authority and power to act in the name of God. It is what directs the church. It is the same power that Jesus Christ possesed when he lived upon the earth. Show more Show less