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Hi I'm john olson

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hello I'm John. I'm a family guy with one very beautiful sweet sensitive wife Linda. We have four adult children and one charming granddaughter. Our family is the purpose and center of our lives. By Profession I am a local civil servant currently serving with the juvenile court system going on 35 years. I have a part-time military career spanning over 40 years as Linguist Technician Officer in the Army National Guard. I have spent seven years of my life residing in Foreign countries as a missionary and multiple overseas tours and combat deployments. I support Boy Scouts, love serving in my Church Family, a member of the VFW, somewhat politcally active and I am a creator and local supporter of our community triathlon. Mostly love Hunting and Fishing with my sons on our family farm. Building our home. Gardening with my wife. traveling and vacationing with my family and helping with our aged parents.

Why I am a Mormon

I am and have been part of this great faith for more than 40 years because the truth of the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ in these Latter Days, the special spirit of the Book of Mormon, and the goodness of the friendship and continuing fellowship from the members of a vast Church family. Most of all it is that special witness beyond my capabilities to describe telling my soul through the tender warm feelings from the Holy Ghost that makes my heart burn inside giving me a the calm assurance and peaceful confidence of the truth of this wonderful faith time after time after time. The Savior said "If you continue in my word you shall know the truth." I have put His promises to the test and know that He does keep His promises and answers prayers. The good examples of the members was what attracted me to the Church originally, but it was and is the Spirit of God that keeps me being a Latter-Day Saint giving me knowledge by a power greater than sight that the hand of the Lord is involved in this great Latter-Day work.. The Lords mission for this Church is to bless the lives of all people who have lived, who are living and will ever live upon this great palnet earth to come back into the presence of God and live with eternal Joy and happiness. This mission of the Church and of God is not just about me but about everyone. For all to experience great joy in this Life and eternal life in the world to come. My witness is beyond any finite explaination, I know what I know and what I know is from God and can not deny it.

How I live my faith

I am not unlike others with the day to day challenges. When I live my faith I feel a love for others. I live my faith by keeping true to the commitments I have made. It is simply a matter praying and reading the scriptures, attending Church regularly to keep one reminded of the holy commandments and seeking to know them and live them faithfully. The people outside of our faith may looks at the commandments and counsels of God as something very restricitve. No drinking no smoking no sex outside of marriage, can't do your own thing on Sunday and give 10% of your income for the priviledge of being a member, they put a negative spin on something that is very spiritually sacred and beatiful. I found out by expereince as I keep the holy commandments, counsels and covenants that I find my life to be very liberating. A clean conscience for striving to be honest, greater health from avoiding harmful substance and eating right. Peace, trust and love in my family. Financialy blessings poured out upon me as I faithfully pay tithes and offerings. All this strenthens my faith and motivates me to learn more, do more to be more. More like the Savior. Still it is one day at a time, one prayer at a time, one step at time, one scripture read at a time. Feeling the pleasing peace of God love helps me to be loving to others.