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Hi I'm Quincy

I'm a student of Mathematics. I love to teach. I am a Mormon.

About Me

My favorite thing about the world is that we have the capacity to expand our understanding about it. No matter how far you have come, there is another avenue which you have not discovered or a perspective which you have not experienced and I find that an absolute thrill and joy. There are very few moments of happiness, for me, that compete with the sudden realization of truth, great or small. Learning how to love my fellow man, how to get along in the world, how God put this all together, is one of the greatest pursuits that I can think of for my life. In addition to all this wonderful creation, the restored Church of Jesus Christ gives us an additional understanding to it, a purpose. I do what I do because I love it, because I cherish the gift of knowledge given to me by my Heavenly Father, but sometimes it can be hard to do the right thing in the face of adversity or lack of willpower. For that, I have the Atonement of Jesus Christ to confide in and have faith in. It allows my mistakes to be made into learning experiences and gives me the opportunity to seek correction without feeling the pressing concern of eternal damnation. It gives me freedom to be who I want to be and find my place on this earth without the worry that a mistake might condemn me forever. I have the power to be forgiven and that makes the pursuit of life and happiness all the more rewarding.

Why I am a Mormon

As a lifetime member of the Church, I had always grown up believing the testimony of my parents and others because it was really all that I knew. Although there were times where I had doubts, there was nothing that ever caused me to turn away from what I had been taught. Although my conversion had begun a couple of years beforehand, I came to really see the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when I studied at the University of Utah. In one of my classes, we read "Divinity School Address" by Ralph Waldo Emerson in which he addresses the Harvard Divinity School graduating class of 1838. As he ends his speech, he tells the aspiring clergy that their duty is to teach men that "God speaketh, not spake" and he gives the statement that he would look forward to the day when the record of the ancient people of this continent would come forth and testify of God. (Forgive any erroneous citations, I have not read this article in over a year) As I read that talk I knew that the record of which he spoke had come forth eight years earlier as "The Book of Mormon." The truth that he spoke of, that God still speaks today, has been brought back to the earth. I have read the Book of Mormon and asked God if it is true and I have received the answer that it is. Because of this knowledge, I know that God has called another prophet on the earth to restore, or bring back, many of Christ's teachings which had been lost. I also know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that He loves me and all of mankind and that through Him and His teachings, I can return to live with my Heavenly Father. I am a Mormon because it gives me the promise that if I live a faithful life, I can have happiness and live with my family forever.

How I live my faith

To be honest, the first step I take when striving to live my faith is realize that my efforts will fall short of perfection and that gives me a challenge and goal I can work with. We are not expected to be perfect in this life, nor in the next for a very long time. It is a process and it is a joyful one at that. I live my faith by enjoying the good things of this earth, particularly the hidden treasures of peace and understanding afforded by dedicated study of God's gospel and the doctrines which govern our physical world. I am a Mathematics Teaching major and I relish in the fact that I have the opportunity to teach others not only of God's works in regards to spirituality, but also His works in regards to how this idea we call "creation" came to be. To see the light of understanding come into my eyes is one thing, but to see it in another is an even more rewarding experience. The most important step to me in living my faith is the concept of continual perseverance in the face of adversity. It can be difficult to stay afloat when so many waves of temptation bombard us and God is aware of that. He does not expect us to be perfect in the way we handle things, but He expects us to learn and that is something we can all handle.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

As I came to better understand mathematics, I began to see the immense beauty and order that pervades throughout the universe. Everything has a purpose and we can all enjoy that. As I ended my first year of college I would try to prove various mathematical principles for myself (such as pi or angle identities) and I remember that I would struggle and dance around various methods until the obvious solution presented itself. As I would discover the truth of these principles for myself, I felt enlightened and excited to learn. That same feeling has entered into my life today in a different way: I know that there is a God by feeling of His love for me. When I choose the right and do kindly unto others, I feel peace enter into my heart, that same desire to learn comes and I want to be a better person. The more I continue to do what is right, the happier I become and the close I feel to my Creator. This earth is just so beautiful and elegant that I couldn't deny the existence of a loving Supreme Being. Show more Show less