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Hi I'm Rob

I'm Creative, I'm a poet, but most of all I'm born and raised a Mormon.

About Me

I like to think that I am a creative person. I like figuring things out and making things up; that is why, I am a poet there seems to be no better way of expressing my self and my views of what life is than by putting it down in the strange way that it exists in my head. I love the outdoors hiking, biking, swimming, driving out to see the view, But most of all I love the God that made it possible to do these things. As I have served God as a missionary and as a member of his church it has given me a much more vibrant picture of my life and of what I am here for. Every day my Father in heaven helps me to identify a grater light or hope for the next day I learned this from a poem that I Wrote its funny but I didn't really understand it when I wrote it but I would like to share it: Just like every morning I woke early in my dreams. And walked Among the mountains And the fountains and the Streams. In this place of Darkness All the world had seemed so small; Until the moon he showed his face, And it seemed by some new magic That no Darkness lived at all. And When I Woke I found it Spreading light upon the floor, And I knew a new Tomorrow Had come knocking at my door.

Why I am a Mormon

Untill recently I have lived in one place all of my life. Now I'm serving a Full-Time mission for the church in Georgia the climate is much differen't than the little toun in the Rockys where I grew up but the people here are just as amazing, Just as easy to love, and just as fun to learn to get along with. My first summer here in Georgia my Grandmother passed away I have found great comfort in knowing that the last time I saw her we had just gone to the temple. My last memory of my Grandma will always remind me of the place that I will be able to see her again Becase in the temples here on earth we can be Seald to our familys so that we will be able to be together forever. Every time I think about these wonderfull blessings that the lord has given us in the church I want to be able to share them with others. That is why I'm on a mission Every time I ponder on what I am taught here my knowledge is made more shure that this is Gods church today. If you ask me why I'm a mormon tomarrow I probobly won't tell you this story. That's becase the truth is, there are so many different reasons that I just Grab off the first one that comes to mind.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by loving those around me and trying to serve them. I have found That as I grow closer to Christ I also Grow closer to my fellow men. I have learned that their is no such thing as an evil person only people who do evil things. knowing this Helps me to cope not only with the shortcoming of others but with my own shortcomings as well.

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

To understand what we believe about grace you need to have an understanding of God's Plan for all of us. In this Plan we Learn that Heaven and Hell arn't exactly as we somtimes think they are. After we we Die our bodys and Spirits are separated wile our bodys go to the earth our spirits go to a place called the spirit world. This is part of where the concept of Heaven and Hell came from. There are two parts of the spirit world Paridise and Prison. Jesus Christ made it posible for us to be reserected this means that our bodys and spirits will come back together after that time we will be judged and go to One of three kingdoms of Glory Depending on what we did in our lifes the lowest of which is better than the way we are living now. Now that was a realy Basic explanation but think about it grace made it posible for all of us to have somthing better after this life. no matter what. As mormons we also beleave in works In order to get to the highest of those kingdoms we need to follow the gospel of Christ Which includes Faith, Repentance, Baptizam, Receaving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Endering to the End. For us to get to that Second kingdom we need to repent of our sins and improve ourselfs. The last kindom takes the rest those of us who have not repented. I think that sould Clear up any Questons about Grace and Works we Beleave in both. Show more Show less