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Hi I'm Derek

Hey guys, I am from California, grew up in Las Vegas. That is where I converted to Mormon as a young man with my family.

About Me

Some things about me? Well first and foremost I love my new wife. I have been married for a month and it is great. She is a wonderful companion and we love each other very much. I am a musician by trade. I have played guitar all my life and have graduated with a music degree with an emphasis in the guitar. I love the outdoors. I am a big fan of shooting, archery, and fishing. One of biggest sport loves is body building. I am a big guy. I worked as a personal trainer for a long while and as a matter of fact, that is how I met my wife. I was her twin's personal trainer. We both moved out here to Nebraska to be closer to her family and its a great life out here. I picked up a job working at a organic dog food plant called Natura, while I am going to school for my second degree in business. She is a dog groomer at Petsmart. We love animals and rightfully so we have 14 pets; 3 cats, 3 snakes, 2 trutles, 2 rats, 4 birds, and a fish tank! In the church I received my Eagle Scout and Duty to God awards, which I am greatful for the young men's programs that I grew up in. If you are new to the churches teachings, the Duty to God is a program that asks the young men to study scriptures, give service and asks for various other worthy things of them to grow and learn. The church has many wonderful things to bless you in great ways. So yeah, I am not a father yet, someday it will be my turn to have a little one. It will be a blessing. I think that sums me up pretty good.

Why I am a Mormon

You know it has been a long road, a great lesson really. I had to become who I am today through some heavy trials. And that is ok. It really taught me of why I love God, and why I need to accept Christ in my life. It showed me how to be closer with the Spirit and by all means I have a long way to go, but I have seen a change in me I love. That is why I do it. The teachings of the church show you how to be good and moral. They show you how to be great! You feel at peace knowing what you know. You wake up each day with a craving to learn more. The world becomes slow because you really come to terms with what matters in life. That has actually been a big learning experience for me. There is a love in knowing Christ that you really can't go without and the church teaches you how to find that. It is a beautiful thing. Then there is the ultimate goal of the temple, which I am working on right now to achieve. I have not been yet, but to do baptisms for the dead which we believe in doing work at the temples for the people and family who have passed without it. There we make covenants and ceil ourselves to our families for ever so we can be with them again. How wonderful is that. I really can't wait to go! I want to see my papa again and want to be with my wife forever. It is so special and it brought me to a humble place. I am so thankful for the church. It is true. I hope everyone can find it for themselves. It's worth it.

How I live my faith

I'll tell you what, I have had to come through a bumpy road. I am happy that I was challenged like that. I couldn't say that a while a go. The church teaches that these challenges are there to make us stronger to grow closer to our heavenly father. It has done that for me. Going to church every sunday, reading scriptures daily brings me joy. It trully does. It is so hard to explain unless you try it. So I will challenge you to do the same. It is a good way to learn of yourself. Right now I have really had to look at how I live my faith to prepare for the temple. It is a very beautiful place that we believe is trully the House of the Lord. I have had to make changes in my life. It has not been easy by any means. To be Mormon, is to work...and that means bringing yourself to be more like Christ, meek and humble, and clean. I am grateful for the challenge and I love it, because I know what is on the otherside and I want to be there someday ready to accept it the way I should. It all brings purpose to life and a beautiful purpose. It puts us all in the same shoes, working together for the same goals. That's what going to church should be so we are not alone. It is a family at chruch and it is great. I am also living my faith my teaching my new wife and our kids in the future by going to church and studying its teachings. How great is that. I challenge you to do the same.