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Hi I'm Kaleb!

I'm friends with Harry Potter, TRON, & Yoda, FIVE GUYS is way better than in-n-out, I'm a parkour master... oh! & I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I'm a hick. I'm from Boise, Idaho. I've been on the smurf turf. I really like cotton! When I was a kid, there were 150 Pokemon (I caught them all), and Pluto was a planet. I like to snowboard, rock climb, hunt, and play Nintendo. my favorite food is meat. I play the drums and I can kinda sing a little ditty here and there. I listen to music constantly, and I love movies. some of my favorite would be TRON, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Finding Faith In Christ. In a nutshell, I'm the bee's knees. I'm the cat's pajamas. "That was Marv's idea."

Why I am a Mormon

I've been Mormon my whole life! I didn't always believe everything I was told at church though. In my teenage years (around 13), I actually went to a couple of different Christian churches to see what was different. That only caused more confusion. Why did my parents pick the Mormon church? At the ripe old age of 15, the youth in my church took a trip to Salt Lake City. I still wasn't sure if I believed everything I was told. While we were in Salt Lake, I was thinking deeply about Joseph Smith's story. We actually watched a movie called "Joseph Smith: Prophet of The Restoration." It showed a lot of the trials in Joseph's life. I realized that at age 14, Joseph Smith had the faith to ask God what to do, and God and Jesus Christ manifested themselves to Joseph when he was praying. I thought about myself. If I had seen God and Jesus Christ, I would NEVER deny it, even if I were tarred and feathered COUNTLESS times. Even if my family was threatened. Even if I was forced to eat Human Flesh. However, if I had made up a story and didn't really see God or Jesus Christ, I would tell you pretty quick that I was lying if any one of those things happened once. All these things happened to Joseph. He NEVER denied what he saw. This was what helped me gain my testimony that Joseph Smith IS a prophet of God! More importantly, I know Jesus Christ lives and this is HIS church restored back to the Earth with his full Power and Authority!

How I live my faith

"I'm knocking on the sky, and listening to the sound." I live by the principle "What we do in Life echos in Eternity." Currently, I am serving a full time mission in Southern California. I go about, with another missionary, and talk to people about God and Jesus Christ. We bring a special message that Christ's Authority is on the Earth again today, making it possible for God's Children to make eternal covenants, or promises, with him. We also share with the world The Book of Mormon. We compare the things written in The Book of Mormon and the Bible, to figure out EXACTLY what God wants us to do. Kind of like the sights on a gun scope. If we only used one sight (The Bible) we would be able to see the general direction that our bullet is going to go. We MIGHT be able to get dead center, but it's extremely difficult! when we use a second sight (The Book of Mormon) with the first sight (Santa Biblia), we are able to see dead center, and we're able to hit our target, which, in this case, is returning to our Heavenly Father and living with him again. Before I served my mission, I would read my scriptures, pray, go to church, and try to live a good life free of addictions or filth. I find myself being creative to have fun rather than do things the average person would see as fun that, in reality, inhibits that person's freedom. Every choice we make has a consequence, good or bad, but whatever we do will have an effect on us later, ergo, "What we do in Life echos in Eternity"