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Hi I'm Terence

I speak 3 1/2 languages, I'm a thinker, a writer, a philosopher, I love to cook, and I'm a Mormon

About Me

I'm Chinese, a Canadian and just like you might think, I do speak several languages - English, Mandarin, Cantonese and I'm learning Spanish, French, some Japanese and Korean as well. It's my goal in life to master all of these languages (and maybe more) because I enjoy how expressive a grasp and understanding of language can be. I love to learn and I love to think and ponder about the deep questions of life. Which has led me to study Philosophy and English in university. Before the past two years of my life, I was never found without my cell phone or my ipod or any sort of electronic device. Like most asians you might say I have a passion for electronics and computers. I'm no rocket scientist but one day I hope to make a difference in the world in my own little way. I love to read and write a LOT. I enjoy just being outside in nature, just reflecting life's greatest questions and looking at the beauty all around. I'm a student of Philosophy and English and hope to go into the profession of law one day.

Why I am a Mormon

Like many mormons I grew up in the church being taught many principles and commandments given from our Heavely Father. I grew up thinking a lot about what I had learned and was raised in. When I had reached University I hadn't had that belief that what I had done every week was true. As I studied the questions posed by my professors and other classmates, it had led me to inquire if God was really there and if he did indeed have plans for me in this life to accomplish things that would help me grow. I had studied many different religions during this time and I feel that all religions have truth in them. But I also knew that God being a God of order and of love did have a path in this life for each of us to return to live with him. I had my questions and was seeking answers. Thousands of miles away from home, on the otherside of the world in Hong Kong, God proved to me that he was there and that he did want me to know of him. As I was travelling through asia, I received my witness to the reality of our Father in Heaven and an epiphany of sorts that let me know that all I had grown up learning was true. Since that day I have done as the prophets of old have often taught, that if ye lack wisdom, let him ask of God. Anytime I don't know or understand certain commandments or principles I turn to our Heavenly Father who gives to all men liberally because he loves each and every one of us.

How I live my faith

In the past I've been a youth teacher, teaching children aged 12-14 the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ways that we can draw closer to our families and exercise faith in Jesus Christ. I've learned from that experience that the teachings of Jesus Christ are applicable to all who have a desire to learn of him. I've also gone on many excursions as a youth leader to campouts, and trips around the country and I've learned the joys that service to others has brought in my life. Since then I have been doing as commanded by Jesus Christ to do, to preach the gospel to all the ends of the Earth as a missionary putting my life on hold for a few years to share the happiness that this gospel brings into my life. I've been a gardener, a mover, and a pest removal specialist among other service opportunities I've been given out here as a missionary but first and foremost I'm a teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I teach through my example and with my companions and we do the best we can to be worthy to represent our Saviour Jesus Christ.

What is being a Mormon like?

To me being Mormon is no different from being any other person, except for the fact that the decision I make on a day to day basis are influenced by and through the teachings of Jesus Christ and modern revelation given to us through prophets who are called of God to help us have more direction in this life. I also think living the standards of the gospel have brought me more peace and happiness in the face of my trials because I have the hope for a better day through my faith in Jesus Christ. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

Mormons believe that God loves us because He is our litteral Father in Heaven, He created us in His image, as such we know that He has a body similar to ours. But His body is perfect and immortal. He knows each and every one of us even more than we know ourselves sometimes. He hasn't left us alone and has given us the opportunity to know of Him through prayer. Even if we aren't sure that He is there He does have a plan for us. We don't know all the plans that He has for us but we do know that He wants us to walk by faith in following him. As we do this He's promised to bless us in ways that surprise us. Show more Show less