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Hi I'm Spencer.

I am an Urban Cowboy, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Howdy, my name is Spencer, and I'm a cowboy. Though I currently reside in Savannah, my real home is out west, in the wild, hot desert of Mesa, Arizona. I'm a valley boy. Being a valley boy, means much more then just being born in a certain area, it means being loyal and friendly to your fellow man. If you hear someone needs help pitching hay, or harvesting their crops, boom you're on it. In the same manner, you are loyal to your faith. Sunday morning, you cleanse yourself of all the dust and cow manure built up through out the week, and are in your seat early, ready for service. This is me in a nut shell... Valley boy.

Why I am a Mormon

I was fortunate to be born to goodly parents, who love me dearly. Ma and Pa raised me the way any cowboy couple would, as a trusty ranch hand. I was expected to take care of myself, while helping out around our property. I recall many a day, working out in the hot Arizona heat mowing the field, raking leaves, taking care of the mutts (Molly, Mini, and Leo), and even our trusty steeds (Blaze, Houston, Dollar, and Georgie). But, there came a time in my life that I had to decide, if I would follow in the faith of my parents, or tread my own path. I had to decide if the LDS church was true. I prayed with, "...a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ..." (Moroni 10:4) and like everyone else who has done so, recieved an answer through the Holy Ghost. It was to me an amazing, and life changing experience. But, it wasn't over. We are in the process of converstion our whole lives, there is always that next step, that next little thing that we can do better. The Adversary is constantly tempting us and at times, we put ourselves in stupid situations, making it easier for him. When we fall, we must remember to get back up. No matter how humiliating, or hard it may be, we have to get up, repeant, and come out a better, changed person. After repentance we must continue on ward, with a change of heart, never looking back. This permanet change of heart, can at times be the most difficult part. What helped me out, more then anything, was what my parents had taught me at a young age. That work ethic, that I learned in the hot Arizona sun, helped me to endure the repentance process, until the job was done, until I had a changed heart. I doubt, that even to this day, they understand how much I appreciate their example and unconditional love for me. I am Mormon, because I recieved an undeniable answer to my prayer and because of that, know that the Gospel I am taught, along with the council and guidence that I recieve is and will always be correct.

How I live my faith

I live my faith, as any cowboy would, protecting the flock. In Acts 20:29, we read, "grevious wolves enter in amoung you, not sparing the flock", this scripture is true even to this day. There are men, "speaking perverse things", leading many away from the truth. I protect the flock, not by attacking or Bible bashing wolves, but by bringing the flock to safety, to the True Church and fold. For even this very reason, have I left the Arizona Valley and can be found in Savannah, Georgia, serving a full time mission. For I know, that even now there are many that are ready for this message, but know not where to find it. So, please members of the Church, this week, invite someone you know to church, that they might experience the same peace and joy, that you feel every Sunday. And to anyone that was fortunate enough to stumble across this site, and my feeble article, please get in touch with the missionaries. Weither chatting with them through this web site, or having them over at your house, I know that they can change your life. We really are here, for you.