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Hi I'm Steven

I grew up in New Mexico. I now live in Arizona. I operate a nursing and rehab facility for awesome old folks. I love being Mormon.

About Me

I am single and feel like I have dated every single young lady in the world at least once, but I am sure that is not true. I operate a skilled nursing facility. I love going to work and spending time with the awesome old folks. Serving them keeps me humble. I am in the process of finishing my Masters degree in Healthcare Administration (and golly am I thankful for that). When I am not at work or studying I like being active. I like running, hiking, racquetball and lifting. When I can find time I like making custom wood frames for religious art. I am sure no one that sees the frames is impressed with them, but its therapeutic for me. I come from an awesome family. I have two great parents, 7 siblings, 5 in-laws and 16 niblings (my family's term for nieces and nephews collective). No matter where I am at or what I am doing I like to make people laugh (I just had to put that in here to make myself feel more funny than I really am).

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because the fulness of Christ's gospel is found in this faith. I am thankful for my testimony of Christ and his Atonement. Even though the Atonement occurred over 2000 years ago we can still benefit from it today. I am forever grateful the Lord does not leave us in our own wisdom to find or figure out truth. He sends his Holy Spirit to teach us. The Holy Spirit will confirm all truth to those who have a heart prepared to receive it. I never claim to be good at much or even know a lot. But this I do know... I know that Christ lives. I know He died for us. More importantly he burst the bands of death when Resurrected. I testify that He loves us all. I am thankful to know that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I am thankful that through that same Spirit that confirmed those things to me that I also know that the Lord calls prophets in our day, just like He did in time of old. We have a prophet at the head of our church. He is a prophet much like Adam, Moses, Noah and Abraham of the Old Testament. I testify that we do not worship Joseph Smith, but we love him and accept him as the prophet of the restoration. From his lips came the words of the Book of Mormon, a book of scripture comparable to the Bible. I know the Bible and Book of Mormon work hand in hand to testify that Jesus lives and that he is the very Christ prophesied about in the Old and New Testaments. I know we have a literal Father in Heaven who loves us. We can pray to Him and he will answer our prayers. The more we are in tune with His spirit the more we can feel his love. I know these things to be true.

How I live my faith

This is a humbling question to answer. I fall short a lot and take full advantage of the Atonement as I strive to be better. I feel the real product of the gospel is at work when we lighten the burdens of those around us. I do a lot of things to know Christ. I read scripture, I pray, I attend Sunday School, I obey the commandments and try to love those around me. However, I feel that all of these things do me little good if they don't motivate me to lighten others burdens. That was the life that Christ led.Even at the scorn of oppressors, Christ went around doing good. I feel that the times in my life that I have been closer to the Savior are those times I have helped others with their burdens. It's amazing how light my burdens feel when I am helping others with theirs. So, If I had a legacy to leave when I die (which I hope is not in the near future, because I still got to find my wife and have awesome babies) it wouldn't be perfect attendance to Sunday School or never missing a day of scripture reading. I would just hope that most people who know me could say, "He helped me once."