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Hi I'm Mike

I grew up in Layton, Utah. I've lived in many states and now Arizona is home. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I work for a large company based in Phoenix where I collect and analyze customer feedback about the company and how we can improve. I do a lot with statistics; I’m a detail person. One thing I like about my company is that they try to help people in local communities all over the state. They also support employees who try to make a difference. I'm married with three kids. I've been a volunteer Boy Scout leader in Utah, Michigan, and in Arizona. I sing in the church choir in my congregation. I ride the bus to work (that's unusual in this part of the country). I like to do home-improvement projects. I'm not an artist but I like to make things with my hands – crafts, wood-work, even watercolor paintings – creative things.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a life-long member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, born and raised in Utah with pioneer heritage. Still, I've had to choose for myself to be an active member of the Church. I can't point to a single time when I was converted to Jesus Christ. Rather, I’ve had many small experiences that tell me I’m on the right path. As members of the Church, we are taught that our first responsibility is to make sure we are living the gospel of Jesus Christ; trying to do what He would have us do; trying to keep the commandments He has given us. Our second responsibility is to take care of our spouse and children; to care for their needs and teach them to also live the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our third responsibility is to those around us, our neighbors and those in need. Just about everything we do can fit into one of these priorities. I try to have a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father through daily personal prayer, reading scriptures such as the Bible and Book of Mormon, and by doing the right thing. Those things help me to have integrity and to avoid problems that might otherwise come about.

How I live my faith

For the last couple of years in my local congregation I've been the one who keeps track of all the records. For example, whenever a new baby is born or someone chooses to join the church, I keep a record of those things. I also assist with processing financial things like paying local expenses. I'm the guy that gets the supplies and materials to help the congregation operate. While my role is very practical and seems to be concerned with administrative things, there's a spiritual side, too. I assist our local Bishop in making sure the members of our congregation are included and cared for. Aside from those assignments, I try to be a good example of living what I believe. Like everyone else, I face challenges in life, but through living the Gospel I've found I'm happy and have less anxiety and stress. Sometimes when people ask what I'm planning for my weekend they are a bit surprised to find out I have a service or volunteer activity planned, that I'm going camping with the Boy Scouts, or that I'll be dedicating my time to service within my local congregation. In the Church I've prioritized my relationship with God first, then my relationship with my family, and finally my roles in the community (including my church activity, my work, and civic activities).

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

As a child I attended church services with my family and participated in all the Church programs for youth. At age 19 I was called as a missionary to serve in North Carolina. As missionaries begin their service they go to one of several missionary training centers around the world. It's sort of a spiritual boot camp. Most missionaries come moderately prepared with knowledge of the gospel. If the missionary hasn't developed good study habits before starting, the training center is a great place to change. Those who are already good students get that much better through the experience. One day at the missionary training center I was challenged by my instructors on the question of "Do Mormons believe in Grace?" Frankly, I didn't really know. I had the idea in my head that I could get to heaven simply by being a good (perfect) person. I didn't understand that I needed the Grace of Jesus Christ to get me there. I learned a lot that day and since then about Grace. I've learned through experience that all of us make mistakes and fail in our attempts to live righteously. There is no way for us to be perfect. Our Father in Heaven knows that and provided a way for us to overcome our sins. It is only through the Grace of Jesus Christ that we can again become clean and return to be with our Father. He commands that we do all we can, to repent and change, and He will make up the difference. None can do it on their own. Show more Show less