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Hi I'm Keifer Weiland

I am what I am and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been agnostic alot of my life and was what some people would call a hooligan. Others would say I am a deep thinker, and a kind and compassionate person. I am sure there are some who would say I am odd, weird, and rediculous. I am okay with all of the above because I am what I am. I spend alot of time within my mind seeking out the answers to the deep and profound questions of life, I love to learn. I learned in high school that I can become whatever I put my mind to and that if I simply wont give up then I will eventually achieve what I shoot for. I learned to always see the cup half full in my first year of college. I also learned in college that sometimes what we want is not what we need. I love superheroes and I am a nerd, I suppose I can be somewhat of an intellectual. I am now serving a mission in the California Santa Rosa Mission. Above all things I have learned to cherish the gospel and the small glimpses we recieve of Gods glory. I love teaching the gospel and I have discovered all the questions I have been pondering have an answer to be found in the principles and doctrines of the gospel. I have a sure testimony that no matter what challenges or struggles you may have that the savior and his teachings( the gospel) will help you.

Why I am a Mormon

In high school and college I began asking myself the big questions, like why am I here, what happens after this life and why is the world the way it is. I began to study deeply. I studied psychology, and other academical subjects. I also studied into buddism and other eastern forms of religion. To put it simply, I was spiritual but not religious. I did not see the value of organized religion and I was put off from it by the evil I saw done throughout history in the name of religion. At the age of 20 I felt pushed to come to Utah, I had a strange feeling I needed to move there. Once there my uncle told me a little about his church. He told me some things that were quite facinating such as the fact that my cousin chose to leave the comforts of home for two years to knock doors. I was more surprised to discover that the church was not supporting him financially but he did it out of his own and his parents pocket. I thought that's odd, why would he do that? As I thought on this I felt something stir within me, I felt a feeling of warmth and comfort. As I caught hold of this feeling within myself I felt it grow and felt a love directed towards me like nothing I have ever felt before. I felt the warm feeling penetrate within me and I suddenly felt that I needed to serve a mission for this church. I followed the prompting. I met with the missionaries. Many of the truths I had learned in my life experience were taught to me but in a simpler way. It made sense to me in my head and I was finding the answers I had searched everywhere for! I decided to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to my father in heaven, He did answer my prayer. I felt a warming peace come over me and I was told by a still small voice that what I had been learning was true and this is where the lord wanted me. What a blessing to know the love God has and to know that Jesus is the Christ. To know where I came from and where I am going, to know why I am here. There is no greater light than this!

How I live my faith

I am currently a misionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I am serving two years in the California Santa Rosa Mission as a representative of the Lord Jesus Christ! I have the unique and wonderful opportunity to share the truths that I know to be true. I have the sublime blessing to testify of our father in heaven and his love for us. I am filled with joy as I watch people discover who they are a as a child of God and to see the lights come on as they begin to understand what that says about their value. I am sharing the message of Jesus the Christ and the rest he gives to us. He says "come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and i will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest to your souls" (Matt 11:28-29) I am convinced that if we will turn our will over to Christ and seek his will then we will find rest to our souls. I know the joy and blessings that flow into our life as we follow his example and are baptized for the remission of sins. As I missionary I invite all to repent and be healed through the atonement of the lord omnipotent, even Jesus the Christ!