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Hi I'm Chue Feng

I'm Hmong, I'm a convert, I'm serving a mission in the beautiful state of Alaska and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My family moved to the United States after living in a refugee camp for several years as a result of the Vietnam War. I was born in that same refugee camp in Thailand and lived there for a whopping one year before we ended up in Minnesota. I continued to live in Minnesota for 21 years until I went on my mission to the beautiful state of Alaska. I love playing all kinds of sports, but volleyball is my personal favorite. I enjoy jogging, drawing, and just hanging out and laughing with friends and family. The moments in life that I cherish the most is being in the company of the people I love, without the interference of words.

Why I am a Mormon

I unknowingly searched for the first twenty years of my life for something that would fill my soul but was never able to find anything temporal that would do it. I tried to be active in life, filling all my time with friends, sports, and hobbies to get my mind off of the emptiness that I felt from feeling like I was living a life without Purpose, but it never worked. When I was first presented the gospel of Jesus Christ, it was foreign to me. However it brought forth a feeling of familiarity and peace, of which I had been unknowingly seeking. I am a Mormon because I have found that there is Truth, Peace, and Joy in the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All the questions that really matter in my life were answered. My soul finally felt whole. I have received true and everlasting joy, not only from seeing the miracles that have taken place in my life, but in knowing what it is that I must do in this life to be able to lead a better more fulfilling life, impacting my family and everyone around me, for good. I am a Mormon because I received a personal whiteness from my Heavenly Father of the truthfulness of the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I am serving a mission to help bring that same joy that I have felt in my life, unto others. I study the scriptures for understanding so that I can increase my knowledge and help my fellow man. I try to do good everywhere I go, offering a helping hand to people even if they are not interested in the message that we share. I believe and know that everyone is a child of God, and strive to treat them as such.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

Chue Feng
I was never pushed to serve a mission, probably because of my age and limited understanding. I was twenty when I was baptized, and so I did not have a very sound understanding of the gospel or anything for that matter. I just knew that my Heavenly Father wanted me to be baptized. As I considered the blessings, light and knowledge that I was so fortunate to receive, I realized that it was because two young man decided to go on their missions. I do not know where I would be if I did not get the chance to receive the Gospel. I became close friends with many of the missionaries that served in the little Hmong branch that I attended. Being with them helped me to understand the importance of serving a mission and how much of a privilege it is to be given the opportunity and responsibility to represent Jesus Christ and his Church. I eventually received a strong prompting that I needed to go on a mission, for myself, for the lives of the people that I will impact, and for my Father in Heaven who sees that the worth of every soul is great. Show more Show less