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Hi I'm Traci

I am me, I am a friend, I am one who enjoys life and the simplicity of nature , I am a Boise State football fan and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a student. I just got an A.S in Science. I love the outdoors and walking. I say it with enthusiasm but I am a wee bit of a nerd. The littlest things always excite me, its easier to enjoy life when your easily amused. Well thats what I believe anyway, I love Boise State Football ever since we moved to Idaho and my mother even went to school there. I WOULD claim to be their number 1 fan but my mom says I come in 2nd to her, since she went to school there I can't argue. I have 4 siblings. I am the oldest, growing up my mother was a single mom often working two jobs and going to school full time just to keep a roof over our heads. Dispite all of that when it was most important to my siblings and I, she was always there when we needed her most. My mother and I share the same graduation date her with her masters as with me my high school diploma. I love my mother she is and always will be my hero.

Why I am a Mormon

Beacuse the Atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ is real. Isaiah 49:15-16 (my favorite) . . . they may forget, yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands. . . The Lord knows exactly who I am, He died to save not only me but the whole world, but still knows me personaly. He knows my hopes my dreams, my short comings and my disabilities. Through him I can see my potential and I know I am loved. I grew up without a dad but yet through a loving heavenly father I've always had a father to turn to. All I had to do was get on my knees. The priesthood is living and well. I know it is I can feel it. Without the priesthood in the home I can tell when a person honored and kept it. I have felt and seen things that I know came from heavens light. And I thank every worthy member every chance I get even if it is the Aaronic priesthood it is still a power of God one desevers my full most respect. I was not always this way, my family wasn't fully active growing up and when my dad left things only had gotten worst. I was heading down a path of self distuction. A church leader saw that it was not a good place I was in. She kept pushing me to come to events, against my will, one time she noticed I hadn't eaten for quite some time so she locked my in her car and would let me out till I ate have a suppersize combo meal. In the days following that I started feel something differnet I felt her concern for me, hers and the Lords for the first time I picked up the book of mormon and started reading it. in a week I had had read compleatly through 2 Nephi. That was the first time I had ever felt the spirt at least that I know of. I learned first hand that the Atonment is real. I mess up all the time sometimes so bad I think I can never be forgiven again, but I know thats not true I know that the Lords arm is out at all times waiting for me to grasp his hand because I know I am engraven in the palm of his hand, for that he will never leave me.

How I live my faith

I go to my church meetings. But I live my faith by being me I try to make people smile at work dispite I hate my job. People that know me, knows my Apartment is a safe place one that will be open when they need it. but the biggest blessing in how I live my faith everyday I pray that I can do something good today. Doing that has opened up to friends I've never thought I've had, and experiances that I would have never shared.

Why are Mormons asked to donate 10% of their income to their Church?

How can we afford not too? Being a college student living on my own, working I know this. In fact one year while working for little wage, I had to sit and calculate my entire years worth of expenes for an assignment. And that was the bare essentels, food, rent, lundry, bathroom stuff and a so I call home once in a while phone bill.This calulation did not includ emergency money, spending money, books, school suplies or even a car and all the things that go it. I cut the car so I can afford to live So after adding everything up I should have been in the hole at least 800 dollars by the end of the year not to mention more accourding to the world beacuse I paid tithing. However I because I paid tithing, not only was I not in the hole but but compleatly debt free, my school tuition was paid off through scalorships and grants, and I wasn't not straving or homeless. Money was a little tight but I hate to think of how it would have been without the Lord. The lord challenges us to pay tithing, He wants to bless us. And tithing goes out and blesses others. It is a cycle. One that never fails if honor the Lord challenge Show more Show less

What is faith?

What is faith? That’s a hard question, I find it hard to talk about this right now, see on an impression I packed up my things moved to a different city to go to school. But doing so, in the wake of things, I now find myself jobless, praying for a solution with the evening tide looking me in the face. I don’t regret my choice. I know I was following the Lords impression. Now I have to remember faith is more than hope, its courage. Its knowing that even though things seem dark the road uncertain, in the end on the marrow everything will be all right. To me faith is the inner light of the soul earning for the Fathers love and interaction. And the beauty about faith is even if whatever it is you need to find faith in, even if it is just a desire you can ask like in the days of old “Lord help my unbelief”. And in those moments when feel giving up, that there is no way you can go on, and you can do is cry in those moments that’s when your faith is the most important, because if you truly have faith in anything and you never turned away form it. In those moments of what seem like complete and utter destruction, your faith nor your kind and loving Heavenly Father will abandon you. In fact they both will pick you and carry you till you have strength to stand once more. I know this with all my heart in the name of my Savior Jesus Christ I testify its true Amen Show more Show less