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Hi I'm Sherry

I'm a wife, mother, student, and health care worker... and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife, mother, student, and healthcare worker. My life seems busy, but I love it. As my children grew, they would often ask me about college, and when would I go? Teasingly, I often told them, when you go to college, I will go to college...and that is just what I did. Trying to pick a major was hard. I realized that I loved every class I took. First I thought I would major in math after taking a math class. Then I thought I would learn sign language and teach it to deaf children. Soon, I realized I love biology. Through determination, and the encouragement of my loving family, I have worked my way into the nursing program at the local community college, and I am working at the local hospital as a nursing assistant. My life seems crazy-busy, but I love who I am, and what I do...and I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew there was a God. My mom taught me to pray when I was very little, and I always thought someone was listening. As I grew, doubts crept in, but I didn't allow them to stay very long. I married a wonderful man who wasn't a Mormon, but was very strong in his faith. This caused me to really study what I believed. Is this true? Am I a child of a loving God, and did his son, Jesus Christ, die for my sins? Did I live before I came to this earth? Why am I here on Earth, and what is my purpose? Are there prophets on the Earth today like in the Bible? Although I had been taught them all my life, I needed to know them for myself. I needed to pray, and I so despirately wanted God to hear my humble prayers, and I say prayers because there were many. In time, and step by step, I received the answer to my prayers. Sometimes it was just a warm, good feeling when I was reading my scriptures about something I wanted to learn more about. Sometimes it was the feeling I had when someone else said something that I had just been praying about, like "Is there a Prophet on the Earth today?". What they said spoke to my heart. It was a feeling so strong that I just knew what they were saying was true. It is hard to put into words, because words just can't explain it, but I came to know that the truth speaks to my soul, and I can recognize it. When I take a walk in nature, or when I am quiet and reflective, thoughts come to me, and peace fills my heart. I know that my elder brother, Jesus Christ, is my Savior. He is the greatest example of how I should live my life. I know that I can pray, and I know a loving Heavenly Father hears and answers me because I am His daughter, and He wants me to succeed, and grow, and learn, and return to live with Him again. That's why I am a Mormon. I just know it is right for me.

How I live my faith

I just love my Faith! I have learned so many things by living what I know to be true. A guy at the hospital where I work asks me all the time, "How come you are so happy all the time? Whatever you are on, I want some." and I have been trying to figure out a way to share with him why I feel what I feel. I think that when you serve others, you get rewarded with feelings of Joy. When you know who you are, and why you are here, decisions become easier, and right and wrong become more defined. It is like being lost, and someone comes and gives you a map. Living the gospel of Jesus Christ helps me avoid most things that can bring me unhappiness, and that knowledge brings me a sense of contentment with who I am. I love more deeply, and want to help others to find the peace and joy that comes from living a Christ centered life. I try to walk each day of my life having faith that God can do more with my life than I can. If I just listen to the little promptings that He gives me each day, to choose the better way, I find that I am helping others more, talking less and listening more, thinking less about myself, and sharing more of what I have with others, and that makes me feel great!