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Hi I'm Kelly

I grew up in Idaho. I am a dentist in Washington State. Once a year I travel to remote Guatemala to build schools. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a father of four wonderful teenagers. As a member of our local Rotary club I've had the chance to take some of my children with me once a year to build schools in the remote jungles and highlands of Guatemala, which has been a wonderful teaching and bonding experience. I like to travel and explore new places with my family. As a result my children have developed favorite activities that may be a bit more unique than avereage. River running and cliff jumping come to mind. For me, the little time that isn't spent with family, church, and civic service opportunites gets spent with an occasional round of golf, enough to make me revisit the question of why I took up the game. To support these habits I practice dentistry, which I love. But what I love most is my wonderful wife. She has a computer science degree and supported me in my journey through dental school. She is the best decision I've made and except for the days she is better than me at golf, she is sweet (and probably delusional) enough to probably say the same about me. I can't imagine life without her.

Why I am a Mormon

I am the eldest child in a Mormon family. Despite a very nurturing family environment, I eventually came to understand that no one can live off of borrowed light, and I would need to obtain my own spiritual witness of the Light. I now find myself figuratively in the light of the midday sun where everything is clear and easily discernable. I consider this a great blessing, especially when I see so many struggle to find their way through the mirky fog so prevelant in the world. For me, the light I enjoy didn't come suddenly as if by the turning on of a switch, ala the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus. Instead, it was more like the gradual change of the sun rising in the morning, almost impreceptible at first, but with patience and time safe paths and dangerous hazards, as well as the consequences of each, became clear. To be sure there have been plenty of times when a light switch turned on to suddenly add another 100 watts of clarity to the environment. For example, ten years ago my sweetheart was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. What a blessing the gospel of Jesus Christ has been to us during difficult times, and especially the calming reassurances of the Holy Ghost. Being blessed to hold the Holy Priesthood, I have been given sacred opportunites to give my wife priesthood blessings that have both healed and comforted her in times of need. These blessings would not have been available to us but for restoration of His true church and the Priesthood authority to act in His name to bless His children. My church has helped me come to know my Savior Jesus Christ. Like others, I can say that any price required of me in this life to become acquainted with my Savior has been a privilege to pay. Not only am I immediately blessed tenfold in return, but that glimpse of appreciation of the price he paid and ultimate sacrifice he made for me is priceless.

How I live my faith

The values and principles that I have embraced by being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints help me to become a better person both within and beyond the bounderies of my congregation. From my youth I learned to seek out the poor, both in purse and spirit. A great blessing of the LDS church is that it provides a framework for me to be able to do that. As a young man, I remember volunteering with my father at apple orchards whose produce went to the poor, knocking on the doors of members once a month to receive offerings to take to my Bishop for the benefit of the needy, and taking meals made with care by my mother to those who were sick. But I also feel blessed that those same principles have given me a desire in later years to serve the needy beyond the walls of my church. Without the influence of eternal principles and the Holy Ghost, I very much doubt I would have had the motivation and desire to leave the comfort zone of my dental practice to provide dental care to the underprivileged. I doubt I would have found myself in the very remote jungles of Guatemala working side by side with great men and pastors of other faiths building schools for some of the poorest people in the western hemisphere. I doubt I would have found myself involved in the campaign to finish the job of eradicating polio from the face of the earth, even though the disease nearly killed my mother as a child. I doubt I could have helped raise nearly a million dollars for perpetual scholarships aimed at underprivileged kids in our local community. I doubt I would have ended up putting on a charity auction to raise $200,000 to be used by local and international nonprofit groups to better the world. I share this not to bring attention to myself, but only to assert that any good I have done in the world is due to a small portion of the Spirit of God within me, and I am so thankful and frankly humbled that my Father feels I'm worthy enough to assist in His Work.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

The other day I was talking to a good friend who happens to work for me. She is a single mother with a 5 year old son whom she of course adores. With great emotion she voiced her concern that her greatest fear in life was that she had no way of knowing if she would be together with her son in heaven. Although I can't physically remember it, suddenly a mental picture was brought to my mind of time when I was a one year old dressed in white in a Holy Temple of God in Logan Utah and was sealed to my parents for time and all eternity by someone who actually held the "keys of the kingdom of heaven" that were restored to Joseph Smith the Prophet in our day. A rush of appreciation of an incredible blessing I had long taken for granted came over me, and I testified to her as I testify to all who will listen Couples and families can be together forever! Death is not the end! God loves his children and has the greatest desire to honor and preserve righteous family relationships! Let his servants, the missionaries, show you how! Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Our family has an ongoing contest to see and prove just how "All things denote there is a God". In addition to things that inspire awe, we look for metaphorical object lessons around us that teach or remind us of a gospel principle, then share them as part of our Monday night family home evenings. For example, we recently experienced sunrise at 10,000 feet on the Haleakela Crater on Maui. That in itself was inspiring and made us feel closer to God. But as we talked we realized the whole experience was also a spiritual metaphor. Like Moses and many others, we started out in darkness on a journey in search of a spiritual awakening on an exceedingly high mountain. The journey involved sacrifice. At the entrance we produced a pass that showed it was ok for us to pass through the gate. At the top we gathered together with the masses for protection from the cold as we awaited the arrival of the sun Son. Although the time of its arrival was approximately known, the exact time couldn't be determined because of coulds on the horizon. Darkness gradually dispersed to testify that the arrival of the sun was imminent, but this also seemed to be the coldest time. Some who were more impatient than others my youngest son expressed frustration and were certain the sun had delayed its coming and would never arrive. Right before the sun burst forth in all its glory, the cloudy horizon seemed to be on fire. Being above the clouds, it almost seemed as if we were caught up into the heavens. Show more Show less