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Hi I'm Ted

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

With the innateness of the gracious way being so much a part of my family and extended family, growing-up on the same street with three other households of cousins, aunts and uncles fairly solidified an extra ten-pounds-of-steam for my own care-freedom. This fortunate background has been a great boon to my personal life, as I attempt to follow my Savior and do more than say that I have faith. I did as late L.D.S. President Gordon B. Hinckley invited to do, and that was for me to bring all that has ever been of value or of a personal treasure to me in order to see I could be added upon through my membership and participation in the organized priesthood and recommended programs of the L.D.S. church. I have been added upon to a degree not ever realized, nor could it be possible to realize, except through my fervent participation.

Why I am a Mormon

The 60s Silver turned to 70s Gold, and the elders tracted into me - Baltimore County in Maryland, 1972 A.D. On that same day - for which I was finally prepared, the allowed understanding was 'textbook', as I was able to do as the elders instructed me to do, to diligently follow Moroni's prayer directive as set forth within "The Book of the Ancient General Mormon". I was able to be personally interested enough in their message that this second testimony of the divinity of the mission of Jesus the Christ is a record of the "other sheep", who lived in the Western Hemisphere in ancient times. Otherwise, I would have had to wait for the blessings that have come to me and which can come only through an affiliation with the restored priesthood keys and authority which they explained to me. They also explained that the church had been restored to the earth as it was anciently and challenged me to investigate their very fantastic claim that the gospel had been restored in its perfect fulness through true messengers sent in our own day by the Great Head of the church. They also represented that all of these testimonies and histories, as well as why they were visiting me on that day had to do with my Father in heaven and that he loved me and wanted to bless me through their message. Because I learned for myself that their message was true, and that the church had been restored through true messengers sent by God, I am still upon this day and many years later an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and I still have the same feeling of gladness and amazement that I had when I first joined this church that the priesthood keys and authority have been restored to the earth. never to be taken away, again.

How I live my faith

With the regimented habit of a daily and operational trust in the advantage of my invested time and energy, the operational tactic of every jot and tittle of the scriptures is also in practice. Taking advantage of eternal law has a purpose of sowing unto my own satisfaction, as well as to my own safety and to a literal bliss.

Where did Mormonism and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints begin?

There was as foretold a "falling away" when the ancient quorum of Twelve was taken away. Then, after long centuries of the Dark Ages, the reformation, and the renaissance, Puritans and Quakers made the contributions of their time toward the climate of freedom. Shortly after Washington won that climate - through bloodshed, then the true messengers came. To a young American lad of 14-31 years of age and over a period of 16 years, there came at least ten such messengers - standing above him in the air and giving instruction. Ancient powers, keys and priesthood authority were restored as this, the fulness of dispensations of time, was ushered in. One such "true messenger" was John, known as the Baptist and also as "the preparer of the way", visiting young Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery along the banks of the Susquehanna River near Harmony, Pa. Another such messenger was the ancient Elijah, known as "the Tishbite", restoring the keys by which the hearts of the children were turned unto their fathers and the fathers unto their children. In fact, howbeit records having been fervently kept, there were no actual genealogical societies anywhere in the world until after the spirit of Elijah was loosed upon the world the year was 1936. There is much to learn, never heard before. Because there is much in the world called of known by the Great Name, the dynamic of these histories can appear as the presentation of a very plainly-wrapped package, making a genuine interest needful. Show more Show less