What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Ben

I'm a sound engineer, a game designer, and a geek. I love the outdoors and movies. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently going to college. My hobbies are writing and listening to music, reading, hiking, sports, hanging out with my beautiful wife, and studying the scriptures. I love missionary work. More than anything else in the world. I've always had a burning desire to help others in the best way possible. I never realized that the best way I could help others is to bring them the greatest message of peace - that Christ lives and that we don't have to feel pain, sorrow, unhappiness, distress, despair, or any of their evil cousins! I grew up in Orange County, California where I became obsessed with the beach. I love body surfing, surfing, swimming, building sand castles / sculptures, long walks on the beach, poetry... yeah, I'll stop now. Currently I work as a sound engineer creating sound effects and music for casual games for the PC/Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it just makes complete sense. In a world that is full of information and advice, I have found the one place and people that guide you to one person for this information - God, Himself. In a world full of comparing, competition, discouragement, unhappiness, and everything like unto it, I have found the true purpose of life - love. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and loves all of His children. I just want everyone in the world to know that! I can hardly explain the joy I feel from this gospel and the people that I know in it. I had the opportunity one day to ask myself that question - why do I do the things I do? The answer came silently and pierced my soul. Because I am a child of God. He loves me and wants me to be the best that I can be. I love the description of the "church" by Paul in 1 Corinthians 12. We are one body. The Lord doesn't need a million "fingers" or a million "toes". He needs every member of the body. And with that, although I am not sure which member of the body I am, I do know that we are all needed in this wonderful expedition of the Plan of Salvation. Every person plays an integral role in the salvation of all of His children. With that said, THAT is why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by simply doing my best to smile. I love everyone in the church and I realize that I have not ever really done the best job of portraying that. I am consistently working on expressing love to those around me. I used to be the person in charge of coordinating the missionary work in my "branch". This was the best calling I have ever been given. I was able to sit with and talk to many of the individuals who were learning more about the Savior and striving to live a better life. I was able to play a small role in the process of helping others enter into covenants with Jesus Christ so that they may better access His power in their lives. I am now able to serve and bless the lives of the men in my "ward". My duty is to encourage others to visit the other members of the ward and to make sure everyone is taken care of. It is such a great blessing. As I serve others, I am blessed so much in return. I'm pretty sure that is why service is such a huge part of the Lord's work - because it blesses all involved. I also have the privilege of teaching and instructing the men in my ward - which means that I usually learn the most.

What is faith?

Faith is reliance on the Lord, even when the future is not as substantial as you once believed. Faith is not only a principle of action, but also a principle of power. In this manner, true faith is able to bring to pass many miracles in the world. Faith is a two-way trust in the Lord that is increased as one obeys and listens to the Father. When one is obedient and acts on the Lord's counsel, they receive a confirmation to their action. Their faith increases in the Lord - although oftentimes they may not get the confirmation until they have taken the necessary "leap of faith", which means they do not necessarily "know" the outcome. If we acted in everything with a "perfect knowledge" there would be no growth or trust gained in the Lord Jesus Christ. We would just simply be treating life as a "menu" of choices - knowing the outcome to every decision, good or bad. Although the commandments, scriptures, the Holy Ghost, and words of the Prophets do give us warnings and signs, we must always act in faith or we cannot grow. Repentance and entering into covenants such as baptism are the greatest signs of one's faith that reap blessings beyond measure. When one acts in accordance to God's ways, God's trust in that man or woman is increased and He is more likely to give blessings and further commandments to help that person grow. In summary, faith is trust, love, hope. Faith is the greatest blessing on earth. "For we walk by faith, not by sight." - 2 Corinthians 57 Show more Show less