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Hi I'm Tom

I love sports, I love the piano, I love Japan, I'm studying to become and electrical engineer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Even though I am rather young, I feel like my life has been quite a long journey. I grew up loving sports, starting out at age six in soccer, ten in baseball, twelve in football, and even doing some wrestling in middle school. Though I was pretty good at sports and played them all throughout my early teenage years, my health began to become poor around the same time. As time went on, I started getting more and more tired and began sleeping between 12 and 14 hours everyday. Eventually, my health worsened to the point that I was no longer able to play sports or even to attend school regularly, and I was forced to drop out. It was at this time, when I was feeling crushed about losing my opportunity to play sports, that I discovered there was something I loved just as much: the piano. I already knew how to play the guitar and was no stranger to music, so it was not really much of a stretch when I began to practice the piano in my spare time. However, at that time I had no inkling of what an enormous, amazing, and gratifying part of my life it would become. I discovered that for me, there is nothing quite like playing a beautiful but difficult piece near perfectly after hours of practice. Furthermore, in these years while I pursued the piano, my health began to gradually improve, and I was able to finish my GED and begin college. I have now made almost a complete recovery, and I have been called to serve a mission, something that I once thought was impossible.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church, but during my youth I began to distance myself from it and eventually stopped going all together. Throughout this time, even though I wasn't attending church, I continued to pray and read the scriptures occasionally. About a year and a half ago, I had a very spiritual experience which resulted in me resolving to and succeeding in reading the bible completely. In the process, I prayed and gained a testimony of the divinity and atonement of the Savior, Jesus Christ. With this testimony now giving me a foundation, I prayed and asked if I should read the Book of Mormon and received enough of a prompting that I believed that this was the right course of action for me to take. I read the Book of Mormon, and I received a powerful spiritual witness as I prayed about it's truthfulness. I have since done my best at complete obedience to God's commandments, which has resulted in peace and happiness in my life to a degree that I had never before experienced. No matter how powerful a single experience, it never results in an unwavering testimony. Though such an experience may start the ball rolling, or anchor ones convictions, it is only through day to day obedience to all of God's principles and reliance on His Holy Spirit, that we are able to gain an unshakable testimony. I continue to try to attain to this level of spirituality. My experiences have left me with a great desire to share with my brothers and sisters what has brought me so much joy, and I know that one of God's commandments is for young men to serve a mission And so I will.

How I live my faith

I enjoy attending meetings every Sunday to renew my devotion and commitment to follow the Savior, and doing what I can to fellowship and foster relationship with those around me. At current I am called as an assistant scoutmaster for the deacons quorum, which means that I help with the 12 and 13 years old scouting activities. This has been an incredible opportunity to get the know some amazing young men, and it has been my hope that I have been able to extend God and Jesus Christ's love to them and help them to develop faith and trust in them. It has also affirmed in my mind that the youth programs of the church are wonderful and have helped to develop wonderful young men who are examples in their community. I also, as most men in the church, serve as a home teacher. During my period of time away from the church, I was blessed to be called as the hometeaching companion of my older brother, who faithfully visited every family he was assigned to each month, taking me along with him. During this time I was able to really get to know him, of which I am truly thankful, and saw countless examples of righteousness and service, as well as an overall commitment to the work of Jesus Christ. I am now in a ward separate from him, but his example and commitment to hometeaching has gone with me, and has helped me to do my best in visiting my families, who I have begun to develop friendships with and hope to continue to serve until I leave on my mission.