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Hi I'm Spence

I'm a crazy-busy father of six, a Cubmaster, an expat, a science-fiction enthusiast, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a father of six kids and I'm married to Mrs. Incredible...literally. Six kids...hmmm. People often want to know how you get to that number. Simple, I say. They come one at a time. Do we at times wish not to step on toys while getting into the shower or wish to stop agonizing over the college tuition sized amount of money we've spent on diapers in our lifetime? Of course. :) While it is a form of organized chaos much of the time once my wife and I decided we were a "big family" kind of family honestly we haven't looked back for a moment. It's been great. We've moved around a bit over the last few years spending time in four different states in addition to a recent stint in Europe (six kids on a metro in Prague will get you some strange looks). In that time we've come to know and appreciate many people from many walks of life but are happy to call the Pacific Northwest our home. With six kids...raising kids is pretty much my hobby. But I do find time for personal pursuits that include backpacking (I've been able to head up a few ~60 mile hikes over the past years), resistance training (I train rigorously for our annual Turkey Bowl played on Thanksgiving -- sad, I know but it's darn fun), and I am a huge fan of quality Science Fiction (Dune is still one of my favorite all-time books).

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church but don't think that means that being Mormon came easy for me. Every Mormon has a journey to conversion whether they were born into a Mormon family or joined the church later in life. I would say that as a youth in the church I didn't want to accept things at face value or didn't wan't to believe or follow just because my parents were members. My parents called me the child that asked the "tough questions". I remember distinctly when I was around 15-years-of-age a lively discussion with my dad where I was questioning my need to explore other religions before I could decide if being a Mormon was for me. As a result, after our church meetings concluded one Sunday he took me to a few other church services from those not of our faith. It was a great experience that taught me two things: first, the importance of respecting and understanding other faiths, and second, that my father respected my need to chart my own spiritual path whether or not it lead to being Mormon. Eventually I did find that path while attending college. As life confronted me with a more complex set of circumstances, situations, and trials I realized my need for something greater than myself to cope. But more than just coping, it was yearning to truly understand life's most daunting questions: Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? While I had been taught from a young age the answers to those questions, I now came to need to know the answers for myself. That yearning lead me to plant a seed of faith that when nourished helped me to know that I have a loving Father in Heaven who sent me to this earth to be tested and provided a way that I might return to live with him again. I've nourished that seed of faith over the years and during times of uncertainty the knowledge of life's divine purpose has made all the difference.

How I live my faith

I think living my faith has much more to do than just attending church on Sunday to worship. My faith permeates every aspect of my life be it home, family, or work. The center of that faith is Jesus Christ and when I was baptized I made a commitment to follow his example in my life. To be Christ-like is not easy and I'm far from perfect, but I can say with confidence that when I've held firm to this commitment it has brought unquestionable joy into my life. In following Christ there are many opportunities as a Mormon to serve. I currenlty serve as the Cubmaster working in the Cub Scout program as part of my church duties. All the positions we have at church are volunteer and pretty much every Mormon has a duty they attend to. I've decided being a Cubmaster is awesome because I haven't entirely grown up myself. It's perfect because anyone that knows my theater background knows when I have a microphone in my hand and a captive audience things can get very interesting. I've also spent several of the last few years working with the youth at church and coaching my kids on their basketball and baseball teams -- I love these children and the young adults I've worked with -- they truly are our future.