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Hi I'm Aaron

I am so grateful to be able to say I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I lived on a farm in Idaho till I was eight having been born into the church. The farm was an adventure for a young boy and his 6 other brothers to grow up on. But, it didn't last long...my father decided he had had a change in religious beliefs and wanted to become a polygamist. This took us to an area in Southern Utah where I began public school. I made a few friends but mostly played with my younger brother. After much an emotional, spiritual, and even physical battles, my mother decided she did not want the lifestyle my father had chosen. She would not forsake her faith in the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ. With such diverse lifstyles, they could not carry on together and after 3 years in Southern Utah, my parents divorced. My dad moved to Austrailia and my mother (had custody over us) packed every last item she owned along with us, her kids, into the van and moved us to southern Alberta, Canada where I lived with my grandparents for a couple years until we found a house to rent. I continued to go to school and my mother took us to church regularily. I made it through 8th grade before it was time to move again. My mom had found a fellow latter-day-saint who truley loved the Lord and lived as an example of the Lord Jesus Christ as best he could. This event took us to northern Utah where I finished grade-school. After graduating high school I served a mission in the church for the people of Mexico. I came back in 2003 and enrolled in college.

Why I am a Mormon

Once I got into high school I began to notice that my faith was based off the faith of my mom and other members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I became uncertain of my beliefs and though I wanted to do the right I knew I would never be able to serve a mission and testify of it's truthfulness if I was not sure myself. I was 17 years old and had read the Book of Mormon through at least three times but had not recieved any witness as to it's validity as the true word of God. One sunny day I traveled by foot into the mountains with my scriptures in hand until I found a comfortable grove far from anyone. I read some from the bible and the Book of Mormon. Then I decided I would pray. As I prayed I remembered the promise of the prophet Moroni at the end of the book that if we would ask in faith God would reveal unto us that it is true. I asked if Joseph Smith was a true prophet and as soon as I finished the words the power of the almighty came into me with such...strength of love that I was overcome by the spirit of the Lord. I wept as I knelt on the grass. Then, before I lifted my head, I asked another question: is the Book of Mormon true? And immediately the spirit spoke to my mind and helped me understand that if Joseph Smith was a true and living prophet of God, then the Book of Mormon was also true. Never before had I felt such love and assurance and peace. I knew in that instant, for myself, that the true church of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, had been restored on the earth. I served my mission with a heart of gratitude to be able to serve in brining the entire truth of God's church restored in it's fulness to all I could find in Mexico. Throughout the years all of my siblings except my youngest brother has left the church and fallen into the fun things of the world. I wish I could say of myself that I had not, but I too lost my faith for a time after my mission. But the testimony I recieved at 17 held me still.

How I live my faith

I have had a variety of callings in my church. A calling is something the church does in order to edify all members and aid greatly in the growth of the church by helping to keep members from falling prey to the world and to find others who are truth seekers to come unto Christ through baptism and the laying on of hands for the recieving of the Holy Ghost. I currently am a teacher for sunday school. We are learning about the new testament at this time. I am edified by my calling because in order to teach by the power of the Holy Ghost I must keep myself as clean and pure as possible through the atonement of Christ. It helps me to be more faithful in my beliefs. Also as I take time to prepare and study the scriptures I learn how I can better my life and become a better example of Christ. To love God is to also love my fellow men and I love the church because it provides me with opportunity after opportunity to serve, lift, and love others. To lift their burdens and help in many ways. Every worthy member has a calling and therefore an opportunity to build his faith and that of others. The church has a humanitarian program. This allows much service to be done in our communities, throughout the country and all over the world. I provides for hungry children, helps to cloth the poor, and you will never fail to see missionaries and members of the church (young and old) providing imediate aid in times of natural disaster. We as members of his church are far from perfect. We strive to be, though. We believe we well be judged according to our faith and faith requires work to develop. But, as Christ has said, "The healthy have no need of a physician." Jesus Christ is the Lord of all mankind. He is the savior of us all. We believe he is a God of order, as Amos says, he reveals his secrets to his servants, the prophets. Jesus has mercifully ended the great apostosy by restoring his true church to the earth. I love him with all my heart.

What is faith?

For me faith is taking the word of God into you when you recieve it and hoping or trusting that God will make everything work out for the good, then taking action to be obiedient to the word of the Lord so that he can bless and guide you. The use of the faith of God's children is always followed by a witness or a testimony that the word you recieved was true. Then it is multiplied and strengthend. Faith is persisting to a certain point of circumstances where you can see no logical way through them by your own ability or judgment, and then in that crucial moment of decision you say, I'm going forward anyway. Faith is pushing through the barrier -the barrier of depair, of doubt, of hoplesness, and of your own reason and/or ability. Thus it is things hoped for and not seen. Faith is going forward when you no longer have any idea of what lies ahead because you trust the Lord will make it right. Faith is a dependence on God. Dependence on one requires the humility of the other. That is why faith requires submission to the will of God. We all depend on him for our very breath. When the clouds question loom over you and the rain of uncertainty beats down upon you, and you feel like giving up, and decide not to, that is faith. Hoping and trusting in the will of God. Your faith will become purer, stronger. Your eyes will begin to bare in them the testimony of Jesus Christ, and the loving promises of the Lord will begin to be made visable for all to see in you. Show more Show less