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Hi I'm Dara

I'm a native born Texican. I love music and art. Basically, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have always been (and always will be) an avid movie-quoter. Some of my favorite memories have been on stage, either playing in band or singing and dancing in choir. I've been attending college for the past three years mostly studying general education, with a minor in political science. I want to study music composition, hoping to get good enough to write music scores for movies; but really, I just want to use music to communicate my faith in Jesus Christ. I've recently finished serving full-time as a missionary in Tucson, Arizona. I loved helping other people realize that God knew who they were and that He wanted to be an active participant in their lives. I have come to find that knowing who we are as children of God means everything. The way I viewed the world changed when I knew that God knew my name. We are literally His children. I can think of no better way to say it than by quoting a friend of mine: "Of course you can do anything! You're the child of the Man who made everything." Amen to that.

Why I am a Mormon

The more I study this gospel, the more I feel like it's a fairy tale, but the most penetrating and true fairy tale I've ever discovered. The gospel teaches us that we are invaluable, that everything we do in this life has significance, that the King of Kings has a vested interest in each individual, finding us interesting enough not only to have walked in our shoes when he attoned for our sins but also to re-walk each step with us in our lives. The song "I Believe in Christ" has a line that captures my testimony: "I believe in Christ. He is my King. Through Him, I'll gain my fondest dream." Regardless of what I am now, I know that by following Christ, by faith, repentence, and the attonement, I can become the best possible version of my self--the person I've always wanted to be. Believing in Christ is so easy because he believes in me. I feel it. I know it.

How I live my faith

I enjoy giving service to people. I enjoy helping friends with term papers, listening to their problems, making them smile. Giving love to those around me makes me happy and fills my life with satisfaction and purpose. I love making people laugh. I love how good I feel when I keep the commandments and encourage others to do so. I also have a hobby of looking for the little things God does to remind me he loves me: the favorite song on the radio that just "happens" to come on when you need it most; the most gorgeous sunsets after rainy days; the rainy days(I love it when it's overcast); the sweet facebook message from a friend you haven't heard from in a while. Surely, all things denote there is a God, and a God who loves us immeasurably.

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

We believe that the church and authority that Christ established in his ancient church was taken from the earth for a period of time. The people in the ancient church rejected it and weren't ready for the fullness of the truth. We believe that our church was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith in 1820, along with the power to baptize with the authority from God, unlike other churches that began after the fullness of the truth was taken from the earth. So, here's a question: If God loves us, and if this church has the real authority to baptize, what about everybody who lived during the time when the authority to baptize was not on the earth? Doesn't God love them, too? The answer is a resounding: Yes! He wants every one of his children to have the opportunity to return to live with him again, something that is only possible(and we know this by his own commandments) through baptism by someone holding the authority from God. Not everyone gets the chance in life to accept the truth, but by teaching beyond the grave, the grace of God can reach every single man and woman. Now that the Priesthood(the authority from God) is back in full force, saving ordinances can be performed for those have already lived, to bind on earth and in heaven. God loves the individual person(you and others) so infinitely and completely, that heaven would not be heaven without you. He wants you back. You are precious to him, and so are those who have lived before you. Baptism is the only way to God. Show more Show less