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Hi I'm Bob

I joined the church when I was 18. I served a mission to Scotland. I married a girl in the Salt Lake Temple after my return.

About Me

My first radio was a Hallicrafters S-38D. I passed a test given by the Federal Communications Commission when I was 14 and got my amateur radio license. This allowed me to contact stations using a transmitter kit I built using a pair of pliers, a pocket knife and a wood burning iron. I used only Morse code; I never talked on a microphone. In 1977 I built and wired up a computer from kits. To get a printer, I flew our Cessna 172A airplane to Salt Lake City, Utah and picked up a Model 33 Teletype machine. After it was connected I turned on the computer and the machine printed, "Welcome to Zapple Basic." I was thrilled! I used the airplane to fly to my customers, selling and maintaining two-way radio systems for their business. There are many stories about the airplane, but the most memorable is the time I flew 500 miles to Roseville, California, where I picked up 50 boxes/packages of honey bees. There were 12,000 - 15,000 bees in each of the screened boxes. That is 600,000 to 750,000 bees on that trip. I had taken 3 of the 4 seats from the airplane to make room. On return, the temperature in the cabin increased. Together with a little air turbulence, the bees started to buzz, Buzz, BUzz BUZZ. It was like a Hitchcock movie. I increased altitude and the lower temperature settled them down. When I landed, my waiting wife said she could not see me in the plane because of the number of bees that had escaped the boxes and were flying around the cabin. I was never stung.

Why I am a Mormon

I was a member of another christian church that I attended with my family. When I was 16 a school friend asked me some questions about my church to which I had no answer. I met with the missionaries. They described to me the story of the Book of Mormon. They asked me to read the Book of Mormon and in my prayers to ask Heavenly Father if it was the word of God. They did not try to convince me . . . It was up to me. I felt a warm feeling in my heart as they explained things. I had been taught by my mom to say the Lord's Prayer before going to bed. After I repeated the Lord's Prayer, I asked if the Book of Mormon was the word of God. There was no flash of light but I continued to read and asked for quite awhile. Six months after I first learned of the Book of Mormon while walking home a feeling entered my heart and mind unlike anything I had felt before. I knew the Book of Mormon was true. My heart was filled with what I would come to learn was the Spirit of Holy Ghost. I went on a mission for the church to Scotland for two years where I went door to door inviting people to learn what I had about the Book of Mormon. After my mission, at a university in the student union building I saw a friend from the place where I had been taught by the missionaries. I asked him if he knew about a certain girl. He said she was living in that very town. I found her phone number and called her for a date. She could not for almost a month because she had to go to work. A month after our first date we were engaged and in 3 months we were married and sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. That was over 57 years ago. We have two children and three grandchildren. This is the Plan of Happiness.

How I live my faith

I have held different callings in the church. I was a scoutmaster for a number of years. I would tell stories about my missionary service in Scotland as we sat at night around a campfire. We went on a camp once a month. We had a lot of fun. A few years ago I got a call from a fellow who had moved his son to an apartment in our area. He called us and we got together. He was my assistant scoutmaster. He reminded me of stories I had forgotten. As I think about it, they were pretty funny. A couple years later a fellow called me as he was staying with friends in the area. He had been the senior patrol leader. It was interesting to hear what the scouts who had been in the troop had done in their lives. I have served as a leader of a group of married men a couple of times. Some were much older than I. We helped single woman move using my two-ton truck. Most of the group were good and fast when moving people around. Also, we had fun dinner parties and an annual overnight affair on a nearby island. For the last number of years I have been the family history director of our congregation. LDS people are taught to search for and collect records of their ancestors. Information from this research is placed on a database available to anyone in the world. The database does NOT display information about anyone still LIVING. It is a database that will eventually link everyone back to Adam. My job is to help people in the church collect the information and assist them putting their research onto a web based database system. Family history brings to people the great joy. The Spirit of Christ attends this work. One feels the sweet, warm, love of the Savior. I love the gospel. It is the Plan of Happiness spoken of in the Book of Mormon. It has brought peace to my heart and joy to my family. I am glad I continued to ask in prayer if the Book of Mormon was true after I was first taught by the missionaries over 50 years ago