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Hi I'm Katie.

I'm a wife and mother of four children and I'm Mormon.

About Me

I really enjoy people! Especially my funny husband & kids. We love getting outside to do adventures. We enjoy hiking, sports, travel, the snow. I also love books, music and the piano. I grew up in Colorado, attended Stanford & married my high-school sweetheart. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It gives me hope when I fall short, and it's the only thing that really provides me with satisfying answers and perspective on life's problems. I have faith in Christ and His power to rescue from sin & death. I have hope in the resurrection that He brought about and I know that we'll live again because of Him. He is "the way, the truth and the life." I love the scriptures. They are full of light and are life-giving. They help me live a little better day by day and rely on the source of goodness and strength, the Savior, Jesus Christ. My husband recently finished chemotherapy for lymphoma. We have been strengthened through this experience and have felt renewed and held up by the Savior and the faithful prayers of many friends and family. This and other difficult experiences I've had in my life have given me an opportunity to choose to depend on the Lord fully and watch for His tender mercy & grace. My ability to "see" Him has depended directly on my desire and effort to be close to Him by study, prayer & obedience to His commandments. I've surely not led a perfect life, but I've always experienced a richer, happier life when living Christ's teachings as best I can.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because of the power of the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. My parents were members of the church and they prayed with us and, until we could drive, took us to church and seminary (early morning scripture class). As a young girl I felt the Holy Spirit confirm to me that what was learning & reading was from God. But when I left home to go to college, I started studying the Book of Mormon on my own every day. I prayed with more faith and consistency than I had before because I wanted to come closer to God on my own and for myself. I felt renewed each day and I felt God leading me. I also got to explore and compare other religions because of the friends and people I met there. I really enjoyed finding truth and evidences of God in so many places - other churches, nature, poetry, physics...the list goes on, but nothing compared or gave such perspective & wisdom as the word of God in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is a special treasure to me because it clarifies the teachings of Jesus Christ and witnesses of Him so powerfully. I'm so grateful for the prophets & apostles of old who kept records and for prophets and apostles today who are inspired and led by God to teach us and guide the church. I know God can work through ordinary people who are fully dedicated to Him. God can inspire each of us individually in respect to our own lives and families. I am Mormon because I believe that God, the Father, and Jesus Christ spoke to the boy, Joseph Smith, and through him brought about the translation of the Book of Mormon and the restoration of Priesthood authority of Jesus Christ. I have added joy in my life because my family and I --and all who desire to take part-- can have essential saving ordinances that bring us closer to Christ. Isaiah 55 says it beautifully! Temples are dedicated, holy places where individuals can make additional covenants to God and receive blessings that are eternal. I love to go there.

How I live my faith

I pray often and read the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I look to God to help me with my weaknesses and problems. I give thanks to God for all I have and I try to help others however I can. I just started journaling again more regularly and that's been such a blessing to me. I think our lives are important - so important that they deserve a record, however small, and this little exercise helps me to honestly reflect & grow. As a family we read the scriptures, pray and attend church to renew our covenants to follow the Savior by partaking of the Sacrament. We watch each General Conference and then read the messages of our church leaders. We support them and are grateful for the inspiration they receive to guide us. My husband and I teach our children to reverence God and to be honest, loving, and respectful to others. Hopefully they will be! I serve my family and others as best I can. I know that as we help others we are expanded personally and our love for others grows. I also serve and watch over two women ("sisters") in my ward through "visiting-teaching." I myself have been comforted & aided by the women who visit-teach me. It's amazing what women can do for each other. In our church we are all given "callings" to serve (unpaid) in different positions as needed and as inspired by the Lord to accomplish the purposes of the Church. Right now I serve as the Primary President in my ward. Primary is the children's organization. We help the children feel God's love for them, learn & understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, feel and recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost, and help them prepare to make and keep sacred covenants at baptism and in the temple one day. I pray to know the children's needs and what things God would have me do and say to help them develop faith in the Savior. I love seeing all the children every Sunday. They are so awesome. Their precious voices touch & inspire me as they sing about the Savior & the gospel.