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Hi I'm Andy

I'm from Tennessee, I love music and football! I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Lets see growing up I was kind of a misfit, not really fitting into any specific group. Like with school clicks I investigated many religion, but never found a "home." Around 18 I even began to read on Wicca, and have called myself a pagan for last twelve and years. Though honestly I never felt anything from it, and that is another story for another time! As before I am a huge music fan....and honestly I am mainly into rock and metal. Though since my recent conversion I am not listening to certain bands/song. (My missionaries are so proud lol) I sadly did not finish high school, nor did I get my G.E.D. Though now I finally inspired by the spirit to do so! I want to be a writer fantasy or even more paranormal romance. Maybe following in the footsteps of fellow member Stephanie Meyer.....without the sparkling part. No offense meant lol! As far as the football like it said GO Vols, who in there right mind from Tennessee doesn't love them. I also like the Titans, though they are not my favorite N.F.L team. That is the Kansas City Chiefs. I also like the the Panthers.....my step-fathers influence lol. I also am a bit of a geek, love Star Wars and Marvel and DC comics. I've played D&D since I was 10 and still when I have the chance...yes I mean table top. Though I do enjoy World of Warcraft and other R.P.G's. Hmmm I have a mutt even though I am more of a cat person. Wow I can't believe I didn't say anything, I'm loving Arizona, now would I without the gospel in my life I don't kno

Why I am a Mormon

I felt things where at a total dead end for me in Tennessee. So I pack my bags and moved to Arizona. One of my dearest friends lives here so I left the hills and humidity of Tennessee. Anyway lol this said friend whom I'd known for years turned out to of been baptized into the church when she was 8. So she was lapsed, but was looking to renew herself with the church. So she sent the local missionaries to my apartment. I at that point was behind on my rent, so with late fees it was 845 dollars and I was facing eviction. The local ward paid every single penny of it without me being a member. Now I had received help from other churches in the past, but nothing to compared to that level of charity. It was simply amazing to me. So that honestly open the door for me to be willing to listen to the teachings of the sister missionaries. I did as they said and prayed before even opening the book of Mormon and asked heavenly father if it was true. As I began to read the first book of Nephi I know I was filled with the holy ghost and felt the truthfulness of the words I was reading. Again I was amazed that God would answer the prayers of a self professed pagan. I knew then that even though I felt it before but I knew that I was not abandoned. Still I had things I had to give up to join the church....I'd smoked for sixteen or seventeen years. I was so afraid about how hard that it would be for me, but I prayed for help and it was not as nearly as hard. ( I followed the program as well).... I had no problems with giving up tea, yes I'm southern and never really liked tea lol Well I sure the fellow converts out there know how it feels about one or even more of the things you have to give up as it says in the word of wisdom! Though all of us that have and follow the covenants that we made at baptism know it is worth every struggle for the blessings we receive temporally and even far greater the things we receive spiritually. And I says these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

How I live my faith

Since even before I was baptized I have been talking to friends back in Tennessee about the gospel....I have even had the missionaries send in three referrals for me. I believe that even though I am far too old to go on mission that I can still be a missionary from home. Sadly though those before mentioned referrals have not went the way that I would of hoped, yet I feel the foundation has been lain. As sad as it is to say I had never spent one minute doing any volunteer work (and I'm from the volunteer state) Now I have and I was so tired but it was so fulfilling knowing I was helping others. Not just members but just other people in my community as well! I plan on going back there to help again as soon as I can to help. I also plan on going back to buy somethings because I know what I buy that money goes out to help those in the community as well. For those who do not know I am speaking of Deseret Industries, just google it to learn more! How else do I live my new found faith? My brother who is only is currently incarcerated, I write him weekly explaining how I have changed and all for the negative. I am focused above anything else to teach him the gospel because he needs it! Let me speak a little more on my positive change, I used to be quite the potty mouth as they say and now I realize just how negative that can be for yourself and others around you! I live my faith by going to church! Now I can not say I have gone every Sunday. I realize now though how important it is to keep the sabbath day holy!