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Hi I'm Randy

I grew up in Colorado. I enjoy beautiful music. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I married my sweetheart many years ago. I'm a father of three - 2 girls and a boy. I graduated from college with a degree in Voice/Theater. I like composing. I am able to play the piano, organ, cornet, bugle and sing. I sing with our ward choir and enjoy it. I,also, enjoy studying financial things. I have accounting and bookkeeping experience. I like to garden and even pull weeds - good physical activity! I, also, like swimming and hiking in the mountains and walking. I am into family history work; it's very interesting- getting to know relatives better. I like some of Alan Jackson's music and many others' - Vince Gill - the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - the Osmonds, Marie's in particular. The Lyrics are especially important, as well as beat/rhythm... The Tabernacle Choir is particularly inspiring. I like some of Jessica Simpson's, Whitney Houston's, and many others.' I have performed with the Colorado Mormon Chorale, singing Tenor. I am for Freedom. My Dad served in the Navy, and I appreciate that. Some of my prized possessions are medals that he received from being in WWII. I am for the Constitution of the United States. I am the oldest of four with three younger sisters. I like good and great art, especially that which uplifts and inspires. I like to dance. I like a variety of good movies - G, PG, some PG-13's (no R's) - mostly science-fiction/fantasy or romantic comedies. I believe in Scouting. I like its values. I am an Eagle scout and an Antelope from Woodbadge.

Why I am a Mormon

I know that Jesus is the Christ; that He and Heavenly Father love me, as well as the Holy Ghost. I want to be everlastingly happy. God is the happiest being there is. No one can be any happier than He is. He would like everyone to be as happy as He is. Living the Gospel gives me peace and happiness in this life, also. He has made know His Plan of Happiness/Salvation/Redemption. I know that all the answers to the problems of life can be found within the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that if I repent sufficiently, I won't have to suffer as Jesus did, which caused Him, "even God, the greatest of all to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, and to suffer both body and spirit..." He suffered such intense physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain! Were we to do this as mortals, we would die! I know that families can be together forever; that marriage between a man and a woman doesn't need to end at death; that some things can last forever and ever. All those good times can be enhanced and experienced over and over again. I know that I will be able to help others. I feel good when I help others. The church gives me ample opportunity to serve. I am a Priesthood Music Director, and I enjoy it. I have, also, played the organ for church and for funerals. I like the good feelings I get. I know that I and all of us will be resurrected. I will have all of my missing fingers back! Those who are bald, will have all their hair back! I like the idea of being prepared and self-reliant. The church emphasizes being debt free and living within one's means - that helps a lot to be happy! No need to be concerned about whether one will have enough to pay a mortgage - it's not there! I like dancing, and good, wholesome entertainment. I like the Osmonds. I like work. I like relaxation. I have hope for a better life - that I can overcome all the bad things of life. I associate with others who believe in doing good, also. I learn how to be better through church lessons.

How I live my faith

I strive to be like the Savior at all times. I study scriptures personally and with my family. I study some of The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Christ each day by myself. Other scriptures are the Bible, The Doctrine & Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price and words of the living prophets and prophetesses, which are in the Church News and the Ensign magazine. I read the Sunday School and Priesthood lessons. I pray with my family morning and evening. During our daily Family Devotional, we sing a hymn - one or more verses. We read some of the Book of Mormon. I, usually, bear my testimony of what we have read. Frequently, I ask the question: How does apply or relate to us nowadays? Sometimes, it relates to being prepared. Other times, it has to do with dealings with others. Then, we hug each other; thank each other for things we've done; kiss and say, "I love you." I pray individually morning and evening and other times. I pray to Heavenly Father out loud or with my mind's voice. I, also, listen. I keep a goal pad of notebook paper to write upon goals for that day, or other days. I, also, have a small notepad usu. in my shirt pocket about 3x5" whereon I write ideas, info and goals that I would like to do and impressions and testimony and things I'm grateful for. Often, I update Quicken to see where we're at financially. I make sure that we are living within our means. I check our budget and make corrections, if & as necessary. I like to eat supper with my family, after praying first. Sundays are for church and our couple planning session. Monday evenings are for Family Home Evening. Tuesdays, we go to the temple once a month. Fridays are date nights. Saturdays: recreational activities, laundry, and prep for Sundays. I do moderate, physical activity on non Sunday days. I drink about 6-13 cups of water & 2-3c milk a day. I don't drink any alcohol. I enjoy fruit and veggies. I eat whole wheat grains. I eat meat in moderation. I have food storage - 3 month & yr.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

To share the joy and happiness and peace that one can have from Gospel living and to help everyone have the opportunity to be able to gain Eternal Life, God's Greatest Gift. To fulfull the commandment of Jesus: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations." (Matthew 28:19) To help others be saved from sin and avoid endless torment. (Mosiah 28:3) Show more Show less

Is it true that Jesus appeared in North America after his crucifixion and resurrection according to the Book of Mormon?

Yes, and it is marvelous! Show more Show less