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Hi I'm Mark.

I'm a husband and a father. I joined the church when I was 19 and proud to say that I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to think of myself first as a husband and a father. I enjoy cycling, snowboarding, golfing, and many other outdoor activities. I also enjoy listening to a wide variety of music and watching as many movies as I can. I have a diversified work experience in healthcare which includes working as an EMT, a Mental Health Counselor, and now as an Actuary for a health insurance company. I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was 19 and got married to the most wonderful woman in the world 10 years later. I am grateful to have the church in my life because it has really given me focus and clarity on the more important things in life.

Why I am a Mormon

As a freshman in college, I became aware of a longing in my heart to be apart of something deeply spiritual and meaningful. I had grown up in a Christian church but I had learned at an early age that something was missing. Not knowing where exactly to look, I opened myself up to investigate many different churches and world philosophies. I had Mormon friends in high school but there was no way that I was going to join just because they were Mormon. So while I was searching, I told myself that I would not seek the Mormon faith but would be open to discuss it with someone if they came to me. Sure enough, while visiting home to do some laundry, the missionaries came knocking on the door. I took the first discussion where they challenged me to pray for wisdom and let our God Himself guide me to know if this was the true church of Jesus Christ (see John 1:5). The answer didn't come to me like a lightening bolt out of the sky, but rather, it came through subtle promptings that I later came to recognize as the Holy Ghost. I didn't receive an answer through a vision or a dream but I noticed that when discussing religions, my heart grew warmer when I spoke of the Mormon church. Without even realizing at first, I became more joyful and excited when I talked about it. After I finished all of the discussions that the missionaries had to offer, I was ready to make a commitment to my Heavenly Father to live by the teachings of Jesus Christ, the prophets of the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon, and the living prophets that we are blessed to have today. Among all of the things that make this church great, I have always been the most impressed by the Mormon church's emphasis on family and the continual encouragement and strength of its members to live by the gospel of Jesus Christ, our savior, each and every day.

How I live my faith

My wife and I enjoy trying to practice our faith together. Our goal is to study the scriptures everyday (the Holy Bible and Book of Mormon), pray at least once a day, attend church meetings every Sunday, find ways to live by the Gospel in our daily lives, and fulfill our assignments given to us in church. I am proud to have been recently given the assignment to act as a missionary for our congregation. No, this isn't like the two year mission that many young Mormons serve, but it is a position to support those missionaries and help share the gospel with anyone who is interested. Being converted to the church myself, I think this is an exciting opportunity to help others just as the missionaries had helped me.

What is the Book of Mormon?

This was an important question to me when I was learning about the church before I joined. It was actually the subtitle below "The Book of Mormon" that resonated with me "Another Testament of Jesus Christ". It's simple! We have the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Another Testament! The reason it is known as and called the Book of Mormon is because Mormon was the name of one of the prophets that wrote in it. By no means is the Book of Mormon intended to replace the Holy Bible but only to enhance it by giving us another account of the Gospel of Christ. The reason it is separate from the Bible is because the prophets in the Book of Mormon left Jerusalem around 600BC and came to the Americas so they were geographically removed from the prophets of the Bible. Even though the prophets of the Book of Mormon were far away from Jerusalem, they too had received revelation of Heavenly Father's plan for His children and the mission of Jesus Christ. Then, as Jesus had promised that he would appear to His other sheep that were not near Jerusalem John 1016, he visited these people who had journeyed to the Americas. The Book of Mormon contains teachings of Jesus Christ, testifying of His Atonement and His love. The Book of Mormon concludes with a great promise that those who read it and sincerely pray about it can know by the Holy Ghost that it is true Moroni 104. Show more Show less