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Hi I'm Kjes

I'm a Mormon. I was born and raised in Wyoming. The second of six girls, no boys. Married mother of four. Grandmother of five.

About Me

I am a goat herd, albeit an educated one, but I love my goats! They started out as pasture management and soon became pets, but they still do a beautiful job on weeding the pastures. I am a daughter from a goodly family. My mother joined the Church a few years before my birth and my father joined the Church when I was six. I feel blessed that they both found the gospel and that they diligently raised me according to the doctrines. I am a wife of a righteous man, who loves and supports me. He also cooks. He loves to cook. I feel very blessed that he has been by my side through many trials and years of education. I am the mother of four, now grown children, but they will always be my kids. Like my parents, I tried to raise them according to the doctrines of the Church. They have made good choices for their lives because of those doctrines. I am the grandmother of five fabulous, tremendous, perfect grandchildren. I know all grandmothers say that, but in my case it is the absolute truth. I spoil them every chance I get and I make no apologies for doing so. I am a biologist I love the order of nature and a lawyer I love the law. I am non-practicing lawyer at this time, but I still love the law. I especially love the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of the United States. It is inspired. I am steward of a small acreage. I have one dog, four cats, one llama and eight goats. I do love those goats!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know its teachings and doctrines are true. Church has never been a social thing for me. Certainly, I have great social opportunities at Church, but that alone would not keep me in any Church. The Truth, is what keeps me in the Church. The teachings of Mormonism are true and simple: Love the Lord they God, and love they neighbor as thyself. This is what Jesus Christ taught from the beginning and these teachings resonate with my spirit. The doctrines of Mormonism exist simply to implement these two teachings. The doctrines never change. The eternal nature of these doctrines appeal to both my intellect and my heart. I know that every time I attend Church I will find the same doctrines that I learned as a child. These teachings and doctrines of Mormonism guide me along the path that Jesus established. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Therefore, Mormonism is not just my religion it is my way of life. I strive to live the teachings and doctrines 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by doing it. It really is that easy. It only becomes complex when we work at not doing it. I start my day with prayer to my Heavenly Father, followed by breakfast and scripture study. I then try to be actively engaged in a good work. This might include gardening, animal care, watching grandchildren, genealogy, visiting teaching, service, fulfilling my calling, going out with my husband, any number of activities depending on the given situation. Regardless of the activity, I approach each with the same philosophy that whoever I come in contact with will be better off because of it. This to me is the essence of “loving they neighbor as thyself.” I want to make sure that whether I come in contact with a harried cashier or an unruly child, that I leave them feeling better than before I was there. Then I end my day as it started. I pray to my Heavenly Father. As impressive as this list may sound, it comes with two caveats First, there is a time and season to everything. I did not do much genealogy when I had small children and sometimes my scripture study was a quick read between waiting for children. How I live my faith is adapted to the good works on my plate at any given time. Second, I still fall short. Sometimes my prayers are not as sincere as they should be or my scripture study is distracted by the worries of the day. When I fall short, I have the opportunity to practice the doctrine of repentance. Repentance allows me to retrench, rededicate and move forward in greater strength. Everyday I try to be better than I was the day before.