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Hi I'm Keith

I'm an iPad App Developer and a Strategic Management Consultant. I'm a husband, a dad, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was 19, I married a girl who had been my friend since we were 10. The next year, I enlisted in the Navy to learn how to operate nuclear reactors. I ended up staying in the Navy for 21 years, and along the way I earned my Bachelors (Nuclear Engineering), my Masters (Business Administration), and a PhD (Management Information Systems). Along the way, we had 5 wonderful children - four boys and a girl (but she isn't spoiled). Our two oldest are married now, and we have a very close relationship with both couples. After I retired from the Navy, I taught Management Information Systems at a top Liberal Arts university for 7 years. Last year I left academia to start my own business - a Strategic Management consulting business. I also develop iPad apps for use in outside sales. I love golf and spending time with my wife - she's still my friend, my best friend.

Why I am a Mormon

Of all the adults I know, the ones who are religious mostly follow the religion of their parents. So I suppose that's true for me also, but for me it is not simply a blind following. Right after we got married, we stopped going to church - not for any one particular reason - it just seemed like it was hard to be a Mormon, and we didn't feel like life was intended to be hard. So we gave up organized religion for a while. We were young, and in love, and excited about moving around the country for my Navy training. But something was missing. We should have been happy, but it seemed like we were just existing. It should have been the best time of our lives, but it seemed like everything was such a struggle. Then when we had our first child, we had the big discussion about what we were going to teach him about religion, and we knew that we couldn't teach him something that we weren't willing to live. And that's when we knew it was time to go back to church. So we did. And we taught our children to believe the gospel and to live the gospel. And we have had so much happiness and joy as we strive to work together to become an eternal family. We've had trials and we've had setbacks, but having an eternal perspective has helped us realize that most problems are just temporary, and as long as you keep working to get better and keep trusting the Savior to make up any difference between what you accomplish and what you need to accomplish, that is what life is meant to be about.

How I live my faith

I start my day off with personal prayer, and occasionally, personal scripture study. My wife is more consistent with the scripture study than I am. My 17 year old daughter and 14 year old son get themselves up at 6AM and drive to seminary, a before-school gospel study class for high school students. When they get home, we have family prayer and usually about 20 minutes of family scripture study. We are so busy that we don't get to eat many breakfasts or lunches together, but we make it a point to have dinner together, and my children know that we expect them to eat with us as a family. On Monday evenings we have Family Home Evening, where we play games, study a gospel lesson, sing songs, and have some kind of a treat. We take turns preparing the lesson, and everybody participates. Most of the time we go our separate ways during the evenings, but the kids all know they have to be home at 10PM on weeknights because that is when we have our family evening prayer. We are encouraged to have daily personal prayer, daily family prayer, and daily family scripture study. We try to make that happen, but we probably miss about 20% of the time. It gives us the feeling that we are all working together to try to get better. I serve in the Men's organization, where I am a counselor to the man who leads the older men's group. We are responsible for administering many of the programs of the church, but our main responsibility is to minister to the men in our group, and to the widows and single sisters in our congregation. I don't believe that you can work your way into heaven, but I also don't believe that Faith will get you there by itself. And so I try to build my faith and do my Heavenly Father's work and those periods when I do those best are the periods in my life that make me feel like I am living a life of fulfillment.

Are Mormons Christians?

When I served in the Navy, I was the only mormon on my submarine, and so I chose to attend worship services with the Evangelical Christian group. It was nice to be able to worship my Savior Jesus Christ as part of a group, and I enjoyed the fellowship with other men who were also living for something greater than themselves. Since we all came from different churches, there were occasional times that we had differences of opinions about the fine points of the doctrine, but we didn't let those differences drive us apart or become a big deal - we wanted to find common ground and be unified in the spirit. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who came to earth to show us the way, to die for us and be resurrected for us, and that through His atonement we may receive forgiveness for our sins and eternal life, if we will accept Him as our Lord and personal Savior. I think that makes me a Christian. Show more Show less