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Hi I'm Dallin

I was born in Arizona, but raised in Utah. I have a degree in chemical engineering, and am a law student. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Growing up, I loved sports, hiking, and fishing with my dad and brothers. Anything that was different from doing the chores Mom always had for us was enjoyable. As I got older, a lot of the things I did changed, and a lot stayed constant. We didn't go fishing as much, but I was still heavily involved in sports. The chores were a constant too. Now that I'm just a little older, I appreciate the physical activity I had when younger, but am most grateful for the schooling and the chores. The schooling allowed me, and is still allowing me to be successful professionally, and the chores gave me the understanding of the importance of work. I still get out and play a little basketball when I can, but as an expecting father, I look forward to the times when I will get to play sports, go hiking or fishing, or assign chores to my kids. I'm looking forward to enjoying life with my family and hoping I will be as good at instilling important values in them as my parents were with us. As a full-time student, the only hobbies I have are reading (nothing beats curling up on the couch with a good novel), playing basketball on occasion, and watching movies with my wife. I'm interested in traveling, but have only been able to experience Norway, which was an awesome experience. However, I hope that some day I will be able to afford to see a little bit more of the world.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a member of the Church because I was taught when I was young about the importance of living His gospel. As a youth, I could see some of the differences between people who lived the gospel, and those who did not. I wanted those good attributes that set the deciples of Christ apart from others. All throughout my life, that desire has been fulfilled and strenghtened as I've lived the principles taught by the LDS church. One of the most recent experiences that I had that strengthened my testimony of this church was when I was married in the Salt Lake City temple. The confirmation I felt through the Lord's Spirit was unlike anything else I had felt. It confirmed to me that not only was my choice a good one, but that the authority under which the ceremony and the ordinance were performed was the proper authority. Another experience I had, which strenghtened my conviction to being a member of the Church was when I was challenged to find out why the Book of Mormon was so important. My friend, who issued the challenge, had a burning testimony of the book. I wanted that same testimony. I had previously felt the truthfulness of the Book, but I wanted the burning testimony he had of it. So, I prayed. And I studied. Then, I was given a wonderful experience. The truthfulness of the Book of Mormon was taught to me by the Spirit. It felf wonderful. It made me happy, and it made me want to share this testimony with all who would listen. These are only a few of the reasons why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I live my faith like everyone else who has faith-in the choices I make. How I treat my wife and act at home, and how I treat my fellow students and co-workers are evidence of how I live my faith. Of course, I'm not perfect, but I do hope that my choices of how to live my faith do indicate that I am a decsiple of Christ. Some other choices I make on a consistent basis are listed below. Every Sunday: I wake up early in the morging and attend meetings where members of the local congregation are discussed. We discuss what needs they have and if and how we can help meet those needs. My specific duties include taking notes and making appoinments for the local Bishop, or leader of our congregation. When we meet the next week, I'll follow up on assignments that were made, and review the schedule of appoinments with the Bishop. During the week: I serve my church by assisting in service projects organized by our leaders. Whether it be moving in a new member, or working in someone's yard, opportunities to lend a helping hand arise frequently. Also, during the week can be a good time to visit other members or investigators of the church with the local missionaries. As often as possible: I live my faith by attending the temple. The temple is a place where we can feel the Spirit of the Lord in abundance, while serving our ancestors who did not have the gospel available to them in this life. I go as often as I can because I feel close to the Lord as I serve there.