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Hi I'm Hayden

I'm a college football player. I write, play and sing music. I speak Italian. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to be active. I grew up playing sports, going on camping trips, hanging out with my friends. I love my family. I am the second of four boys, so there was never really a dull moment around the house. Looking back, it has been really fun to have an older brother that is less than two years apart from me in age and having a lot of the same interests as I had. Singing and playing the piano together, being on the same sports teams coached by my dad, and going through scouts has brought my whole family closer together. I guess with doing everything together we had to be close. During the middle of my junior year in High School I moved from Kentucky to Georgia, and it was in times like those that I was extremely happy I had my family with me. New school, new town, new situation, and being one of the few people that believed and lived as I did, i definitely felt like I was on an Island. However, it was a great learning and growing opportunity. I guess we all have a few of those in our lives. Now I am a student-athlete at Nicholls State University playing football and loving life. Life can be crazy, but I can't complain!

Why I am a Mormon

I like answers to my questions, and I have had many over the years. I feel very blessed to have parents who taught me about God and Jesus Christ from a young age, and I made the conscious choice to be baptized in the Mormon faith when I was eight years old. But as the years went on, my simple testimony was tried and questions arose. I had to figure out what I really believed and what was real. I took my questions to the Book of Mormon and started finding answers. Nightly I would kneel down and pray to my father and I would feel something different, something I had never felt before. I felt a warm, peaceful feeling press on my soul and I knew that it came from God, and that he was answering my prayers. I came to know as a young teenage boy that God is real and loves each of us personally. I felt the love of our savior, Jesus Christ, and I know he lives. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and as I applied the teachings of the Lord that are in that book, my life became simpler and I was happier on a daily basis. I felt a strong conviction that Joseph Smith did in fact see God the father and his son, Jesus Christ, and that he was called by the savior to be a prophet, just as Moses was called. I saw the confusion in the world and between my friends. I went to a non-denominational Christian school, and it made me wonder how we could all have the same book of scripture in the bible, and then believe so many different things. God isn't the author of confusion. He has his church and his truth, and I asked myself and God, 'what is that truth?' As I did so, I started to understand, see, and FEEL the answer. A restoration of Christ's original church. The Church of Jesus Christ, in our days, the Latter-days. I like answers, and I have found them. Real. Simple. Pure. And most important, not from man, but from the source. God.

How I live my faith

My faith is the main influence on the way I live my life from day to day. To be a disciple of Christ, you don't have to work mighty miracles for a living. All he asks is to be like him, and that is my goal. No position in our church is paid for their services, and for two years I lived in Italy as a missionary, where I paid my own way to be there and serve. During these two years I learned what it meant to really serve others and to love them as Christ did. I taught the Gospel of Christ and helped others to come unto him through faith and repentance and making covenants or promises with him like baptism. Now I live my faith by trying to do as he would. In church I teach a Sunday-school class. I enjoy volunteering my time at elementary schools and hospitals to visit with people, and share a warm smile. I love hearing comments from my teammates on the football team like, "Jesus is Hayden's best friend," or, "Oh, Hayden's here, gotta' keep it G-rated." I am very happy to feel my savior's love in my life and to help others feel the same. If you truly believe something it should shape the way you think, talk, act and carry yourself, and I know it has done that for me.