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Hi I'm Dan

I'm a physician; I recognize the hand of the Lord in the healing of all who are sick. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I've always known I wanted a family, a wife and children. I became a doctor to do good in the world, but also to provide for my family. I could spend more time away from my family working, but I choose not to. Money is necessary, but it isn't my goal in life to get rich. I love studying history: the history of our country, of the fight to obtain and hold on to freedom. I'm the proud son of a Marine who fought in World War II to preserve that freedom. He fought on the island of Iwo Jima and lived to tell about it. He lives still, and we honor him and all those who died for our freedom every year at Camp Pendelton in California. I love the natural beauty of this country. I've been priveleged to spend time in all 50 states, to see and camp and explore in most of their National Parks and Monuments; to see first hand the wondrous earth created by God. I am a cancer survivor. I had a malignant melanoma removed just in time to save me. I'm not afraid of death, and I know I'm still here because the Lord had more for me to learn and do. I love life; I love living each day; I hope to see the whole world, but will enjoy seeing as much of it as I can in the time alloted me on this earth.

Why I am a Mormon

I never thought I needed organized religion. I believed in God and Jesus, and thought standing in a mountain valley admiring God's handiwork was all the church I needed. I'd never once been visited by missionaries from the Mormon Church, and all I knew about them, really, was that they didn't smoke or drink, and most of them lived in Utah. A young woman I knew and liked was a member of the Church. We talked of religion, and at one point she said 5 words that changed my life: "I know that God lives". I quickly told her that I believed in God too, but then her words sunk deep into my soul: I may have believed, but she actually knew God lived, and I couldn't say the same. From that day on, I wanted to know for myself. On my own, I found and began to read the Book of Mormon. After awhile, it finally hit me that the book was about a group of Jewish people who ended up in the Americas and began a civilization there. I was intrigued as I read, but I needed to know more. I finally found LeGrand Richards' book, "A Marvelous Work and a Wonder", and read it from cover to cover. It answered most of my questions. I had never smoked, but I stopped drinking alcohol and coffee. I still wasn't sure if I should join the church, but I still wasn't drinking. As I continued to read the Book of Mormon, I reread something LeGrand Richards had written. His grandfather, Franklin D. Richards, had opened the Book of Mormon, read a few pages, then closing it, announced that the book was either written by the power of God or the power of Satan, and he was going to find out which. After finishing the book, he concluded that only God could have been the author. As I pondered this, I realized I now knew the same thing: God was the author of the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith was his prophet. Now I,too, could say I knew God lived. I called some missionaries and asked how to join the church. Boy, were they surprised!

How I live my faith

I strive every day to pray to Heavenly Father, first and foremost to thank Him for all the wondrous blessings in my life. I read from the scriptures and the prophets regularly. I rarely miss church: being a doctor, I must spend some of my Sundays caring for patients. When this happens, I usually attend meetings in one of our congregations that meets at a different time. My wife and I have been married for over 30 years now, for time and all eternity. It is truly the great blessing in my life, knowing we'll be together forever. We have 5 children; 2 are married, also for eternity, and have given us 7 grandchildren (so far). Over the years, I have served in most of the callings available in one of our congregations (wards), including as a bishop. Presently I teach the gospel to the adult members of our ward in Sunday School, and serve in the Temple as well.